A$AP Rocky was angry with Rihanna for rejecting his gifted villa due to Kendall-related reasons (video)

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ASAP Rocky was furious with Rihanna after she rejected the luxurious mansion he gifted her mom.

The rapper, who had been dating Rihanna for four years, had bought a $10 million mansion in Beverly Hills for Monica Braithwaite, Rihanna’s mother, as a birthday present.

He had hoped that the gesture would impress Rihanna and her mom, and that it would show his commitment and love for them.

However, Rihanna was not pleased with the gift. She said that it was too extravagant and unnecessary, and that it made her feel uncomfortable and indebted.

She said that she did not want her mom to live in such a lavish and ostentatious place, and that she preferred her to stay in her modest and cozy home in Barbados.

She said that she appreciated ASAP Rocky’s intention, but that he had gone too far and crossed a line.

ASAP Rocky was hurt and offended by Rihanna’s reaction. He said that he had spent a lot of time and money to find and buy the perfect mansion for her mom, and that he had done it out of love and respect.

He said that he wanted to give her mom the best, and that he wanted to make her happy and proud. He said that he did not expect Rihanna to be so ungrateful and rude, and that he felt like she did not value or trust him.

The argument between Rihanna and ASAP Rocky escalated and became a major issue in their relationship. They stopped talking and seeing each other, and they started to drift apart.

They realized that they had different views and expectations on money and gifts, and that they had trouble communicating and compromising. They wondered if they were compatible and if they could make it work. They doubted if they still loved each other, and if they wanted to stay together.

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