Angelina Jolie and Marcheline Bertrand’s Remarkable Resemblance Shines through Intimate Childhood Memories ‎ ‎

Good genes: Rare baby pictures show Angelina Jolie with her look-alike mother Marcheline Bertrand, provided by Marcheline's goddaughter Marie Miles


Exclusive Photos: Angelina Jolie’s Resemblance to Her Mother, Marcheline Bertrand, Captured in Rare Childhood Snaps Generously Shared by Marie Miles, Bertrand’s Goddaughter

A mother's love: In another snap, Angelina is seen giggling on her mother's lap while her older brother James stands nearby

The image showcases the tender bond of a mother’s love as Angelina bursts into laughter, comfortably seated on her mother’s lap. The scene is completed with the presence of James, her elder brother, standing affectionately close by.

Family time: Marcheline called herself 'blessed' for being given the opportunity share her life with such 'beautiful human beings' as her children

Quality time with loved ones: Marcheline expressed gratitude for the chance to experience the joy of sharing her journey with her remarkable children whom she described as “extraordinary individuals.”

Famous pout: Angelina already displayed the striking features that would one day make her a household name

Renowned pouting: Angelina had already showcased the captivating attributes that would eventually establish her as an iconic figure in every home.

Make believe: Angelina is seen in one picture playing with her dolls, looking adorable in a pink hat and floral dress

Let’s imagine a delightful scene: Angelina captures our attention in a photograph as she happily engages with her cherished dolls. She looks utterly charming, accentuated by a lovely pink hat and a graceful floral dress.

Spitting image: Adult Angelina bears an uncanny resemblance to her late mother

Loving mother: In a heartfelt letter addressed to Marie, Marcheline affectionately described her children as truly extraordinary.

Life's a beach: Marcheline is seen tenderly holding her little girl against an ocean backdrop

Life’s a shore: Marcheline is captured with utmost tenderness as she embraces her young daughter, overlooking the vastness of the ocean.

Shall we race? Marcheline looks completely enamored with her little girl as they frolic together on the sand

How about we have a little competition? Marcheline appears utterly captivated by her son James as they playfully romp around on the beach.

Friends in high places: Angelina is pictures as a tiny baby with her mother's close friend and actress Jacqueline Bisset

Buddies in prestigious positions: A delightful snapshot captures Angelina as an adorable infant alongside her mom’s dear companion and accomplished actress, Jacqueline Bisset.

Retro: Jon sported a blonde bob in the pictures, a fashionable hairstyle for men in those days

Throwback: In the snapshots, good ol’ Dad Jon Voight rocked a cool blonde bob, which was quite the dapper hairdo for gents back in those times.

Look at me, Dad! Little Angelina holds a big plastic ball as he father smiles proudly beside her

Dad, take a look at me! Little Angelina is clutching onto a large plastic ball as her father’s beaming with pride right next to her.

Close friends: The pictures were provided by Marcheline's goddaughter Marie Miles, who told InTouch that Angelina inherited a 'good soul' from her mother

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