Bob Sapp issues a menacing threat, claiming he would rip out Mike Tyson’s heart in a potential fight.

Bob Sapp issues a menacing threat, claiming he would rip out Mike Tyson’s heart in a potential fight.

MMA athlete Bob Sapp has extended a challenge to former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, urging him to leave retirement and engage in a bout together.

Tyson, who recently participated in a comeback exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr in 2020, received Sapp’s proposal as the initial contender to be considered.

“Mike, we’re all aware of our previous discussions about this fight,” Sapp expressed.

“I sent you a photograph along with this message: ‘Mike, if you agree to fight me, it will be a test of strength and skill.’ And that sentiment remains valid.”

“Mike, I have an interesting proposition for you. Now that you’ve left behind evasive tactics, please lend me your ear for a moment. How about a friendly confrontation where it’s you, me, and two of my most skilled fighters against two of your finest contenders?

“Let’s adhere to the esteemed principles of the Marquess of Queensbury Rules, promoting fairness and integrity. It’s worth mentioning that I perceive your hesitation to engage in a one-on-one encounter. Rest assured, I’m willing to face all of you, my fellow pugilists.

“That’s the challenge I present, taking into account our respective ages. Will you accept this invitation to fight me? Alternatively, you can consider engaging with my crew.”

According to Tyson’s statements, there were discussions about a potential fight between him and Bob Sapp in the past. Tyson confirmed that Sapp initially agreed to the bout, even under the Marquess of Queensbury rules. However, Tyson expressed confusion as the plans for the fight went through various changes and negotiations, eventually leading to his exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr. Tyson admitted being uncertain about the shifting circumstances surrounding the potential bout with Sapp.

While Bob Sapp was certainly an intriguing choice as a potential opponent for Mike Tyson, the anticipated matchup between the two did not come to fruition. Instead, another opportunity arose for Tyson to face Roy Jones Jr., a three-weight world title-holder, who accepted the offer.

Although there were initial concerns regarding the timing of the exhibition bout between Tyson and Jones, it ultimately broke records and garnered significant attention when it finally took place.

While Mike Tyson expressed a clear desire to distance himself from a certain mindset and preferred not to involve spirituality in that aspect of his thoughts, there is still a slim possibility that the matchup between Tyson and Bob Sapp could be revived. In 2022, Tyson remains dedicated to his training, and Sapp continues to issue challenges, indicating their ongoing interest in the potential fight.

In June, Sapp reiterated his previous statements, recalling the discussions about the fight with Mike Tyson. He mentioned, “Mike, we all remember the nature of our conversation. I sent you a message accompanied by a photo, stating, ‘Mike, if you accept the challenge, I will emerge victorious, leaving you devastated.’ And that sentiment still holds true.”

Continuing with his message, Sapp directed his words to Tyson, offering a challenge. He said, “Now that you have ceased avoiding, please pay close attention. I propose a scenario where it would be you, me, and two of my top fighters against two of your finest contenders. Let’s stand tall and honor the principles of the Marquess of Queensberry Rules since it appears that you may have reservations about engaging in a one-on-one battle. I am prepared to face all of you, referring to you as punk boxers. I hold a certain level of respect for you, little Michael. Yes, that’s the challenge I present. Considering my age, will you accept the fight? Alternatively, you can choose to face my crew.”

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