Did he cry or not? A gesture by Travis Kelce during a Taylor Swift concert has had fans speculating for days

Travis Kelce asking for applause for Taylor Swift during her concert...

Travis Kelce asking for applause for Taylor Swift during her concert in Amsterdam.X, @traviskelce_fan.

Taylor Swift fans believe they’ve spotted NFL star Travis Kelce getting emotional during her Amsterdam concert, creating quite the buzz online. Kelce, who reunited with Swift on the latest leg of her worldwide Eras Tour, seemed to shed a tear as he watched his girlfriend perform in the Dutch capital.

Kelce joined Swift in Amsterdam, where she performed three sold-out shows from Thursday to Saturday. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end, who previously attended her concerts in London and Dublin, even indulged in a $90,000 shopping spree while in Europe. However, it was his emotional reaction during Swift’s final Amsterdam show that has fans talking.

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In a viral clip circulating on social media, Swifties are convinced they saw Kelce wiping away tears as Swift sang an emotional piano ballad that combined three of her famous songs: “Mary’s Song,” “So High School,” and “Everything Has Changed.” The heartfelt performance seemed to tug on Travis’s heartstrings, and one fellow audience member was even seen consoling him.

Fans are touched by Kelce’s tears

Fans quickly took to social media to express their reactions. One user wrote on X: “i’ll never get over the fact that travis started crying when taylor sang marys song x so high school x everything has changed.”

Another added, “THIS IS SO SAD AND CUTE OMGGG,” while a third commented, “im actually never going to be ok after this. big tough nfl man Travis Kelce crying bc his wife is singing to him.” Others simply concluded, “They are so in love.”

Following the concert, Travis and Taylor were seen leaving the stage hand-in-hand, waving to fans as they exited the Johan Cruyff Arena. Earlier that week, Kelce spent Thursday playing golf with Chiefs teammate Patrick Mahomes in London before flying to Amsterdam to support Swift.

His presence at the Friday night show was confirmed when Swift performed “Karma” and sang, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs,” a special lyric she only uses when Kelce is in the audience.

Kelce and the Mahomes enjoyed the concert

For Saturday’s show, Kelce was joined by Mahomes and his wife, Brittany, in a hospitality suite. As Swift prepared to leave the stage, Kelce was right there, ready to accompany her backstage.

Fans eagerly waiting in the wings went wild when the couple finally emerged, holding hands and soaking up the adoration of the crowd. Kelce hyped up his girlfriend, signaling for more cheers from the fans as they walked together.

Mahomes and Brittany were also spotted by eagle-eyed Swifties, singing and swaying along to Swift’s hits. Kelce, standing behind them, belted out the lyrics, showing his support for his superstar girlfriend.

As Swift prepares to take her show to yet another city, fans are left with the heartwarming image of Travis Kelce, the tough NFL star, showing his vulnerable side at her concert.

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