“Gonna be a tough fight…” David Benavidez reveals his prediction for Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul

“Gonna be a tough fight…” David Benavidez reveals his prediction for Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul

David Benavidez discusses the Mike Tyson vs. Jake Pauk fight and shares his prediction for the bout.

“Gonna be a tough fight…” David Benavidez reveals his prediction for Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul

David Benavidez speaks about Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson (image credit- The Guardian, Marca)

The unexpected matchup between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul continues to intrigue the world. Several people have shared their two cents on the fight. Most of them remain nostalgic and support Tyson without any doubt. Others feel the youth of ‘The Problem Child’ would cause problems for Tyson. Now, David Benavidez has also shared his predictions.

Benavidez is quite close to Tyson and even received his ring name, ‘The Mexican Monster’ from the former champion. Tyson has always supported and praised Benavidez. For the upcoming Netflix fight, David Benavidez is not worried about Tyson. However, he felt both fighters had an equal chance to defeat each other.

If Jake don't come prepared, then it's gonna be a tough fight for him. And if Mike don't come prepared, it's gonna be a tough fight for him.

David Benavidez via Fresh & Fit podcast

Benavidez knew both Paul and Tyson personally and was also seen hanging out with Paul during a sparring session. Hence, he did not outrightly take sides ahead of the fight but would show support to both. Furthermore, ‘The Mexican Monster’ believed Paul trained hard and improved as a boxer because of his ambitions.

Subsequently, he spoke about Netflix’s involvement in boxing and how Tyson would earn a lot of money. Benavidez also stated that streaming services like Amazon and Netflix as an evolutionary aspect of the future of the sport. Hence, the Tyson vs. Paul fight became the first time Netflix ventured into combat sports.

David Benavidez claims Canelo Alvarez is preparing for retirement

‘The Mexican Monster’ attempted multiple times for a showdown against Mexican boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez. However, this highly anticipated matchup never came to fruition. It led many people to accuse Canelo Alvarez of avoiding the fight. Furthermore, Benavidez now believed that Alvarez was gearing up for his retirement.

During an interview on the Fresh & Fit podcast, Benavidez brought up Alvarez’s $150–200 million demand. He called the amount unrealistic since Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquaio did not have such a fighter’s purse. In addition, the Mexican monster suggested that Alvarez wanted such a figure for his retirement.

Benavidez pointed out Alvarez’s hypocrisy on the podcast. Canelo had previously stated that he did not want to fight any Mexican fighters. However, instead of fighting Benavidez, Alvarez chose to fight Jaime Munguia, a Mexican. Hence, Benavidez believed Canelo accepted ‘easy fights’ to retire with the most amount of money possible.

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