Jennifer Lopez ‘really, really hungry’ at the gym, looks upset…what happened to her.

In addition to their regular couple workouts, J-Lo and A-Rod have decided to take on a challenging new diet regimen, completely cutting out sugar and most carbohydrates.

The determined duo, together for two years, were recently spotted on their way to the gym in Miami for an early morning exercise session. Despite being up early, Jennifer Lopez confessed to feeling quite famished before the workout, stating that she was simply “really, really hungry.”

Dedicated: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez team up to sweat it out at a Miami gym, staying true to their no sugar no carbs regimen

The J-Lo and A-Rod show: The couple find time for themselves through daily exercise sessions Sharing her fitness journey on Instagram Stories while exercising on the treadmill, the actress revealed that the program was more challenging than expected. She noted, “So, after 24 hours of cutting out sugar and carbs, I’m realizing how much they affect my body. I need to stay away from them.”

However, after finishing her workout, she confessed, “Turns out, when you give up sugar and carbs, you’re constantly hungry. We’re now trying to find some satisfying snacks.” She then posted a picture of her chosen snacks, which included raw vegetables, sugar-free Jello, and canned tuna. J Lo also encouraged her fans to join her on this sugar-free journey in a joint message with A-Rod on social media.

Hey A-Rod! They’ve been together for two years and they’ve successfully combined their families, each having two kids. Initially, he confessed that cutting carbs from his diet wasn’t a breeze, mentioning that he had eggs and avocado for the day and jokingly stating how he was dying.

However, J-Lo lightened the mood by playfully challenging some of their celebrity buddies to join her. While coming back from the gym, J-Lo laughed and mentioned her challenge to Lea Remini and Hoda.

During their workout on Wednesday, J-Lo rocked a fashionable outfit consisting of snug high-waisted black leggings and a cropped red top. She carried her go-to drink in a reusable container, had her cell phone with her, and sported sunglasses for their gym session in Miami.

While engaging in her exercise routine on the treadmill, the actress took a moment to share with her followers on Instagram Stories that she was experiencing a strong sense of hunger.

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