Jennifer Lopez wears bra with e.e.rily realistic nipples in daring new music video.

J.Lo’s latest music video is all about her love for Ben Affleck, but she isn’t afraid to get blood pumping with a hot, racy outfit. The star used a fashion trick on her breasts

Jennifer Lopez wasn’t afraid to show off her body in her latest music video with upcoming rapper Latto.

The video accompanied Can’t Get Enough which is all about energized passion and leaned into her more 𝓈ℯ𝓍ual side.

While it appeared that J.Lo was going unclothed from her waist up, it turns out she had a sneaky secret to keep the illusion. What seemed like a nip slip was actually an exterior bra with built in nipples.

The nude top was held up by teeny tiny spaghetti straps, letting the cups cut low for a skin-revealing look.

With only a small underwire, her breasts were covered, but left room for error. Rather than wait for a natural nip slip, though, J.Lo opted to wear faux nipples.

JLo showed off her body in the new music video ( Image: BMG)

While not a Kim Kardashian creation, the top mirrored the look of last year’s SKIMS Ultimate Nipple Bra.

It got mixed reviews upon release, but clearly Jennifer was into the concept.

Adding to the nude look, she covered up below with a pair of skin-tight black leather trousers.

The garment featured deep cut outs by the crotch to keep as much skin exposed as possible. In various suggestive poses, including spread out with her arms open, J.Lo stunned fans.

The song is all about her intense love for husband Ben Affleck whom she had two weddings with.

Their first time tying the knot was during a quick getaway in Las Vegas, taking advantage of the White Chapels. The stars’ second time was a larger event in Georgia where they invited friends and family.

She wore a similar design to a SKIMS piece ( Image: BMG)

Her latest album, This Is Me, goes over all the details of her life and fully embraces who she truly is.

The star especially highlights what went down during the 20 years where she called off her engagement to Ben, just to get back together all these years later.

Fans couldn’t get enough of the video. One wrote: “Can’t get enough of the lady stealing the plate, wooow, this song is a reflection of all the things that goes on during weddings. Jenny, you 𝓀𝒾𝓁𝓁ing it girl, you look stunning in those dresses, love the moves!”

Another added: “This is classy and beautiful. The choreography was fantastic and with an old school hip-hop vibe. The song is such a vibe too.”

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