Jennifer Lopez went braless, revealing quite a bit of cleavage as well as black strings wrapped around her cleavage

Here’s one way to drum up votes in a swing state.

On Saturday night, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony looked as intimate as ever while performing a concert for Hillary Clinton at Bayfront Park Amphitheater in Miami, where the candidate herself joined them onstage and embraced the Out Of Sight star.

The erstwhile spouses have worked together a great deal this year; on top of a Radio City Music Hall performance in August, they’re currently collaborating on a Spanish language album.

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Together again: On Saturday night, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony played a concert together at Bayfront Park Amphitheater in Miami in support of Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton

For her Miami show, the 47-year-old had slid into a typically showstopping outfit, this one largely comprised of a black satin robe with a hem at mid-thigh.

And it certainly made the most of her famous backside – with the star flashing it to the crowd throughout her hits-packed set.

Intricately patterned black cowboy boots elongated the look of her exquisitely toned legs as she blazed through her choreography.

Her robe was open at her chest, exposing a good deal of cleavage as well as black strings winding their way across the gap.

Peeka-booty! Jennifer certainly grabbed attention during her stage set at the gig as she flashed her famous behind

From the Block: The superstar gave it all she had in a racy leotard and thigh-high boots to show her support for the former First Lady’s bid for the White House

Did you enjoy the show? Jennifer greets Hillary after the performance, with Clinton seemingly approving of the rather racy set

Warm welcome: The Democratic nominee hugged the 47-year-old as she graced the stage afterwards

All smiles: Jennifer and Marc, who share eight-year-old twins, Emme and Max, appeared very happy as they joined Hilary on stage

Strategic: Florida is among the swing states where presidential candidates campaign heavily ahead of the election

She’d tied her hair up into a high ponytail and added a splash of glitz by way of a glinting necklace and a pair of earrings.

At another point, the black robe was off, and she was wearing a Grecian inspired mini-dress. Below the belt, an American flag was designed onto a red field.

Above the belt, the right half of the outfit was red and had a sleeve, whilst the left half was white and sleeveless.

Seeing double: As the former Secretary Of State spoke onstage, live video was projected behind her

Storied history: The two musicians had been married from 2004-2014

Closer and closer: They’ve collaborated a great deal this year, and are working on a Spanish language album together

Back onstage: Before Saturday’s performance (pictured), they’d also played Radio City Music Hall together in August

Friendly exes: Jennifer and Marc couldn’t have appeared more relaxed or comfortable on stage with each other despite their past

A diaphanous red robe was, on occasion, flung over the ensemble, and billowed behind her as she crossed the stage.

On other occasions, the robe came off, and she turned away from the audience, revealing that the outfit almost entirely exposed her derriere.

Then, the entire dress came off, showing the strapped network of metallic and black corsetry that just barely held her in.

Not for show: The former couple shared a warm embrace on stage

Stumping: Whilst onstage, Clinton instructed audience members to vote

Triumphal gesture: The 69-year-old grabbed and raised both performers’ hands

On-message: The candidate told the audience: ‘We just heard Jennifer [Lopez] perform “Let’s Get Loud.” Well, I say: “Let’s Get Loud” at the voting booth’

Reminder: She made sure to note to the audience that ‘You can vote early’

Hammering the point: The former First Lady continued: ‘Don’t wait another day to vote’

During one segment of the concert, she stood on the stairs and brandished her microphone. Behind her, colossal white text exhorted the audience: ‘VOTE.’

Meanwhile, the man she’d been married to from 2004 to 2014 wore a large cross over his white T-shirt and had pulled on a black blazer.

Light grey faded jeans accented his slim legs, and despite its being nighttime, he’d popped on a pair of black sunglasses for theatrical effect.

Enthusiasm: Anthony in particular seemed to be energetic in his support of the candidate

Trio to solo: It was the 48-year-old who led Clinton off the stage, leaving the All I Have singer to it

The Democratic nominee had turned to her usual colour-blocking style, with a solid turquoise collared top and black slacks as well as black shoes.

On top of her hug with Lopez, she at one point stood between both singers and joined hands with them, at which point all three jubilantly raised their arms.

The Miami Herald have reported that whilst onstage, the 69-year-old instructed the audience: ‘We just heard Jennifer [Lopez] perform “Let’s Get Loud.” Well, I say: “Let’s Get Loud” at the voting booth. You can vote early. Don’t wait another day to vote.’

Patriotism, J Lo style: Of her multiple costumes that evening, one of the Jenny From The Block singer’s looks was American flag-themed

‘VOTE’: A themed message for the audience was projected all over the set and backdrop

Getting active: At one point, she was stripped down to nothing but black corsetry

For much of the concert, an American flag was projected in lights against the backdrop. When Clinton spoke, live video of her ran over the stars and stripes.

Once she was done plugging her campaign, the former Secretary Of State left the stage on the 48-year-old’s arm, leaving his ex-wife to continue the gig.

Lopez was apparently effusive about the onetime First Lady, saying onstage: ‘We are at a crossroads where we have to get it right for the future. We have the perfect person to take us there.’

At it again: The Radio City Music Hall performance (not pictured) had been the first time the erstwhile spouses had performed together since their divorce was finalised

She’d issued a press release before the concert, talking up the forthcoming election as ‘one of the most important in our lifetime.’

Not wasting a chance to shout out the crowd, the press release continued: ‘Florida, home to one of my favorite cities, Miami, and millions of Latinos is a pivotal state in this election.’

As Lopez saw it, ‘It’s time to unify, support, and vote for the only choice that makes sense not only for Women or for Latinos, but for all Americans. Vote for Hillary. I’m with her.’

When you got it: At one point, she turned about to show her costume bared much of her rear

Farther and farther: As the show continued, she bared even more of her derriere

As the erstwhile couple have been getting closer and closer professionally, Lopez has found herself a free agent in the personal sphere.

Though she’d maintained an on-and-off romance with her former backup dancer Casper Smart since 2011, that relationship splintered this August.

Anthony, however, is anything but available. For the past two years, he’s been married to model Shannon De Lima.

Productive union: Her marriage to her co-performer yielded twins who are now eight years old

Professional abundance: The father of five also produced his then wife’s first Spanish language album Como Ama Una Mujer in 2007

Lopez and Anthony’s marriage had been fertile in more ways than one. Their twins, a girl called Emme and a boy called Maximillian, were born in February of 2008.

A year before, Anthony had co-produced his then-wife’s first Spanish language album, which was entitled Como Ama Una Mujer.

The couple have cut multiple duets together, including No Me Ames (Don’t Love Me) in 1999 and Escapémonos in 2004.

When you gotta go: They’d separated in 2011, with Anthony filing for divorce the following year

Ain’t over till it’s over: The divorce was finalised in 2014

In July of 2011, they publicised their separation, and by the end of the following April, he’d filed for a divorce that was ultimately finalised in 2014.

Their Radio City Music Hall show this August, during which they sang No Me Ames, was the first time they’d been onstage together since then.

Afterward, she dished to Extra that her children by her former husband had gotten to see them perform at the legendary New York City venue. She mused that ‘I don’t think they remember the last time, ’cause they were little.’

Different places: Lopez is currently single, but Anthony is married to model Shannon De Lima

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