Mystery unfolds: Unusual circumstances surrounding Rihanna’s second son (video)

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Rihanna’s newborn baby girl was in a strange situation following her birth. The baby, who was named Ruby, was born with a rare condition called heterochromia iridum, which means that she had different colored eyes.

However, it made her stand out from other babies, and attracted a lot of attention and curiosity.

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky, who were overjoyed by the arrival of their daughter, decided to keep her eye condition a secret from the public.

They wanted to protect her from unwanted media attention and scrutiny, and to let her grow up normally and comfortably. They also wanted to celebrate her uniqueness and beauty, and to teach her to embrace her difference.

They only shared her photos with their close friends and family members, who were supportive and loving.

However, their secret was soon exposed when a paparazzi managed to sneak into the hospital and take a picture of Ruby. The photo was leaked online, and went viral within hours. The internet was flooded with comments and reactions, ranging from admiration and awe, to criticism and mockery.

Some people praised Ruby as a miracle and a blessing, while others accused Rihanna and ASAP Rocky of using contact lenses or photoshop to create a fake image. Some people even speculated that Ruby was not their biological child, and that they had adopted her from somewhere else.

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