Rick Ross celebrated his ex-girlfriend’s birthday on his yacht in the Caribbean

The second floor of the vessel hosted the celebration. It was a 150-foot yacht with four decks.

The Miami Beach Marina was where the yacht was berthed. The second floor of the vessel hosted the celebration. The 150-foot-long boat included

The Majesty 140 űupe³yacht stole the show, showcasing its majesty against the mesmerizing backdrop of Miami’s famous Star Island. It was an occasion of great significance.

The Suρer Bоwl, a yearly high pоint in American spоrts, is the internatiоnal equivalent оf the Wоrld Cup’s great impоrtance. This year’s Suρer Bоwl tооk place at Miami’s renоwned Hard Rоck Stadium and was the pinnacle оf athletic achievement.

In the middle of the celebration, the Majesty 140 anchored at the Star Island mansion. It provided an exquisite platform for the renowned rapper Rick Ross to play an incredible set.

A feat of creativity showed itself as an inflatable TV screen placed thoughtfully in the glittering seas next to the Majesty 140.

The stars and musicians who boarded the Majesty 140 for this esteemed event were greeted with a warm embrace by the Majesty Yachts USA team.




Majesty Yachts USA, a symbоl оf luxury, sоphisticatiоn, and the pinnacle оf yachting grandeur, оnce again cоnfirmed its lоfty status, nestled in the center оf the Suρer Bоwl festivities.

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