Rick Ross took DJ Khaled to see his new mansion in Miami priced at $30.000.000

The largest villa in the Miami coastal area is reportedly being considered by Rick Ross and DJ Khaled, with a starting price of $31 million USD.


Rap moguls Rick Ross and DJ Khaled have their sights set on a lavish waterfront property in Miami’s upscale real estate market, which is listed for an astounding $31 million. The pair, who are renowned for their opulent lifestyles and sophisticated tastes, are presently assessing this expansive property, which holds the distinction of being the biggest in the Miami coastal region.


Situated on the picturesque shores of Miami, this lavish mansion stands as a testament to opulence and grandeur. With a starting price that reflects the sheer luxury and exclusivity it offers, the property has become a focal point of interest for celebrities seeking the epitome of lavish living.

The mansion, which is distinguished by its construction with a Mediterranean influence, covers a large amount of land and offers expansive views of the blue waters that outline the Miami shoreline. Stunning features of the property include a private dock, a cutting-edge entertainment center, and beautiful, well-kept gardens that exude peace and solitude.


Both DJ Khaled and Rick Ross, who are well-known in the music business, have a taste for the better things in life. Their interest in this home is an indication of their taste for opulence as well as their decision to invest in a landmark property in one of Miami’s most sought-after neighborhoods.


The real estate market in Miami has been a hotbed for celebrity acquisitions, with A-listers from various industries seeking refuge in the city’s sun-soaked extravagance. The property, currently under consideration by Ross and Khaled, adds to the list of exclusive residences that have become synonymous with the Miami lifestyle.



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