Rihanna doesn’t like to talk too much about her second son Riot Rose in interviews for this hidden reason (video)

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Rihanna has been keeping a low profile since she welcomed her second baby with A$AP Rocky in August 2023.

The couple, who are already parents to son RZA, 15 months, have not shared many details about their newborn son, except for his name: Riot Rose Mayers.

However, in a recent interview with Vogue, the pop star revealed a shocking hidden detail about her baby boy that left fans stunned.

Rihanna confessed that Riot was not planned, and that she only found out she was pregnant when she was already six months along.

She said she had no symptoms or signs of pregnancy, and that she was busy working on her music and fashion projects.

She said she was shocked and scared when she took a test and saw the positive result, and that she immediately called Rocky to tell him the news.

She said Rocky was supportive and excited, and that they decided to keep the pregnancy a secret from the public. She said they wanted to enjoy the last few months of their pregnancy in peace, and that they prepared for the arrival of their second son.

She said they chose the name Riot because they felt it suited their son’s personality and their unconventional relationship.

She said Riot was born healthy and happy, and that he looks a lot like his dad. She said RZA loves his little brother, and that they are a happy family of four. She said she is grateful for her sons, and that they are her biggest blessings.

She said she is not planning to have more children anytime soon, but that she is open to whatever the future holds. She said she is focused on being a good mother, partner, and artist, and that she is living her best life.

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