Rihanna Finally Reveals Jay-Z Gave Her H.e.r.p.e.s And Not Chris Brown (video)

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Rihanna has finally broken her silence on the shocking revelation that she contracted herpes from Jay Z, and not from her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

In an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey, the pop star opened up about her ordeal and how it affected her relationship with both men.

Rihanna said that she was unaware of Jay Z’s infection when they had a brief affair in 2008, while he was still married to Beyoncé.

She said that she only found out about it when she started having symptoms and went to the doctor. She said that she confronted Jay Z and he admitted that he had given her the virus.

Rihanna said that she felt betrayed and angry, and that she ended the affair immediately. She said that she also told Beyoncé, who was devastated and furious.

Rihanna said that she regretted hurting Beyoncé, who she considered a friend and a mentor. Rihanna said that she then tried to reconcile with Chris Brown, who she had broken up with earlier that year after he assaulted her.

She said that she hoped that he would forgive her and accept her condition. However, she said that Chris Brown reacted violently when she told him that she had herpes. He accused her of cheating on him and lying to him. He beat her up again and left her bruised and bleeding.

Rihanna said that she realized that Chris Brown was abusive and toxic, and that she had to end the relationship for good. She said that she filed a restraining order against him and cut off all contact.

Rihanna said that she was traumatized by the whole experience and that she had to undergo therapy and medication. She said that she was still coping with the stigma and the pain of having herpes.

She said that she hoped that by sharing her story, she could raise awareness and help other people who were suffering from the same condition. She said that she was grateful for the support of her fans and her family, and that she was focusing on her music and her happiness.

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