Selena Gomez suddenly “dug up” the breakup with Justin Bieber, netizens were fed up: “Forgive him, he already has a wife”

Once again, Selena Gomez is caught up in controversy because of statements related to her ex-lover Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were once the most famous showbiz couple in the world. After many separations, the couple completely broke up and continued on their separate paths. Selena is still single, and Justin has “settled down” with Hailey Baldwin after nearly 5 years since the two broke up completely. However, Selena Gomez continuously “dug up” the noisy love story of the past over and over again, making the public bored.

Recently interviewed with  singer suddenly shared the reason why he deleted the application and handed over the management of his Instagram account to his assistant in 2018. Worth mentioning, Selena Gomez is the woman has the largest number of followers on Instagram globally, currently the female singer’s account has reached 430 million followers. Looking at the beauty’s large number of followers and influence on the social media platform, the public can’t help but be curious about why Selena wants to quit her account. Not hesitant to touch her ex, Selena Gomez affirmed that breaking up with Justin Bieber in the spring of 2018 was the “trigger” that made her make this decision.

Selena Gomez suddenly revealed the reason why she stopped using Instagram…

… because of the breakup with Justin Bieber. However, the public reacted harshly to Selena’s sharing because they thought she was insensitive when touching her ex-lover. In fact, Justin has his own family

“At that time, I was very heartbroken because my heart had just been broken. I felt like I didn’t need to know what people were talking about. Then there were times when I viewed my appearance negatively just because I saw it.” something on Instagram. Oh, I wish my body was like that,” Selena Gomez confided about why she stopped using Instagram.

It is known that after 8 years of being together, Selena and Justin broke up in 2018. Unexpectedly, just a few months later, in June 2018, the  singer began publicly dating Hailey Baldwin. 1 month after going public, the couple got engaged and finally married in September 2018. Justin and Hailey’s quick love and quick marriage surprised the public. Since then, rumors of the male singer having an affair with Hailey behind Selena’s back have also spread across media channels. A wave of criticism was aimed at this couple, while Selena Gomez received enthusiastic support from the public. However, there are also many unreasonable negative comments directed towards Selena Gomez, especially about her appearance.

Before Selena’s sharing about her ex-lover, the public could not help but argue heatedly. Most people feel fed up because the female singer mentioned the old story with Justin Bieber 5 times 7 times while the male singer is married: “Forgive him, he already has a wife”, “He I’m happy with my wife, stop talking about it”, “After you break up, don’t talk about your ex anymore”, “It’s so funny, you keep talking about your old love when you’re already married”…

Besides, there are also opinions defending Selena. In fact, she did not mention Justin Bieber by name and also talked in more detail about his appearance instead of delving into past love stories. The female singer emphasized mental health issues and psychological difficulties in her interview with  magazine , not focusing on Justin Bieber.

Sharing with  the female singer revealed that her change in appearance also affected the way she viewed herself. Previously, Selena Gomez had a slim and 𝑠e𝑥y body at the age of 20-25, but now it is difficult for her to find the right dress size because her weight fluctuates. This is also the factor that makes her feel self-conscious and embarrassed. “But if you think that a normal woman’s body won’t change over time, it’s unrealistic, isn’t it?” Selena exclaimed.

The reason Selena Gomez has gained weight erratically is because of mental illness. In 2018, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Two years later, the female singer announced her illness information on a talk show with Miley Cyrus. In addition, lupus is also one of the reasons why it is difficult for her to control her weight. “I went through a difficult time. Life was unstable, I didn’t know what to do, and I couldn’t control the situation. I wanted to cancel all my schedules, feeling tormented inside. That’s why when I heard the doctor’s diagnosis, I just thought: ‘Oh, okay. I feel more relieved. I can finally understand a little more about myself’. I’m really lucky because Someone helps me maintain my life every day.”


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