Taylor Swift recently performed “Mary’s Song” for the first time in 16 years, revealing its unexpected connection to her romance with Travis Kelce through its lyrics….

Taylor Swift performed her 2006 number Mary’s Song for the first time in 16 years when she hit the stage in Amsterdam this Saturday.

The 34-year-old pop star had not sung the song live since 2008, when she delivered a rendition of it at the McKenzie Arena in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Now, however, she has brought the song back into her repertoire, in a medley with her 2012 single Everything Has Changed and her new song So High School.

When she broke into Mary’s Song onstage in Amsterdam this Saturday night, the fans went wild because of its unexpected connection to Taylor’s blossoming romance with NFL heartthrob Travis Kelce.

One of the lyrics has now acquired a special significance because of Taylor’s relationship to Travis, who joined her onstage in Amsterdam that night.

In the song, Taylor sings to the object of her affection: ‘I’ll be 87, you’ll be 89. I’ll still look at you like the stars that shine in the sky. Oh, my, my, my….’

Travis’ number in the Kansas City Chiefs is 87, while Taylor was famously born in 1989, which is the title of one of her most beloved albums.

Mary’s Song was included on Taylor’s self-titled debut album, which dropped in 2016 when she was still a rising teenage country star.

Taylor and Travis delighted the singer’s army of Dutch fans as they left stage holding hands Saturday, which was the final night of her Eras Tour shows in Amsterdam

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