Why does Rihanna never let her father meet her sons? Shocking truth about why revealed (video)

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Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty, demanded that his two grandsons, Remy and Ruby, move in with him immediately to shield them from the controversies surrounding their parents.

Ronald, who had a strained relationship with Rihanna, said that he was concerned about the welfare and safety of his grandchildren, who were exposed to the scandals and dangers of the celebrity lifestyle.

He said that he wanted to give them a normal and stable upbringing, away from the media and the public eye.

Ronald’s demand came after Rihanna and ASAP Rocky were involved in a series of controversies, such as Rihanna’s secret baptism of Ruby, ASAP Rocky’s arrest for assault, and their rumored divorce.

Ronald said that he was disappointed and disgusted by their actions, and that he did not trust them to be good parents.

He said that he had the legal right to seek custody of his grandchildren, and that he was ready to take them to court if they refused to cooperate.

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky were outraged and hurt by Ronald’s demand. They said that they loved their children more than anything, and that they were doing their best to raise them well. They said that they had no intention of giving up their parental rights, and that they would fight for their children in court if necessary.

They said that Ronald had no say in their family matters, and that he was only trying to interfere and cause trouble. They said that Ronald was not a good father himself, and that he had abandoned and abused Rihanna when she was young.

The conflict between Rihanna and Ronald escalated and became a public spectacle. The media and the fans were divided and took sides, some supporting Ronald and some supporting Rihanna.

The children, Remy and Ruby, were caught in the middle and confused and scared by the situation. They did not understand why their grandfather wanted to take them away from their parents, and why their parents were fighting with him. They just wanted to be with their family and to be happy.

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