A$AP Rocky was nearly driven mad when Drake’s new song hinted at sleeping with Rihanna (video)

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In a recent album release by Kid Cudi titled “Wow” “Insano,” music artist A$AP Rocky allegedly took aim at fellow rapper Drake, following Drake’s recent publicized breakup with Rihanna.

The track in question includes lyrics that seemingly diss Drake, further fueling the rumored beef between the two artists.

The ongoing drama between Drake and Rocky comes as no surprise to fans, as both artists have been involved in various feuds in the past.

Rocky’s decision to call out Drake on this new track is believed to be a direct response to Drake’s alleged mistreatment of Rihanna, whom Rocky has previously been romantically linked with.

The lyrics on “Wow” “Insano” reflect the tension between the two musicians, with A$AP Rocky seemingly expressing his disdain for Drake.

While the diss is relatively subtle, fans familiar with the history between the artists will likely pick up on the underlying message.

It is unclear whether this new development will escalate the feud between Drake and Rocky or if it will resolve peacefully. Both artists have a significant fan following, and their clashes in the past have often sparked controversy and media attention

Only time will tell how this latest diss will affect their relationship and the music industry as a whole. Fans eagerly await the responses from both parties, hoping for a resolution or an exciting continuation of their ongoing rivalry


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