Angelina Jolie ‘Lost the Ability to Live’ after Divorce while Brad Pitt Dates a Woman Who Looks ‘Like’ Her

In a recent interview, Angelina Jolie delved into the emotional challenges she faced following her divorce from Brad Pitt. The pair split a few years ago and are now on notably different paths.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorced years ago, and Jolie now shares her experience. She poignantly revealed that the ordeal “took so much out of [her],” and she “lost the ability to live a normal life.”

Concurrently, Brad Pitt has entered a new chapter with Ines de Ramon. The public has noted de Ramon’s resemblance to Jolie, a detail that has not gone unnoticed in media and public discussions. One fan remarked: “She looks like Angie.”

This new relationship marks a distinct contrast to Jolie’s post-divorce journey. Jolie expressed profound sadness in the interview, saying it was a genuine hurt and that she planned to step back from Hollywood and already had no “social life.” Her openness about these feelings offers a glimpse into her struggles during this challenging time.

Meanwhile, Pitt has been navigating life after the divorce in his own way, marked by his relationship with de Ramon, and looking “healthier” while he does so. The emergence of this new partnership indicates a different approach to moving on after the end of his marriage to Jolie.

The post-divorce experiences of Jolie and Pitt highlight their paths in the aftermath of their split. While Jolie is candid about her emotional journey, Pitt’s new relationship signals his own way of moving forward, each reflecting their responses to their changed circumstances.

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