Brad Pitt “Aware and Upset” over Shiloh’s name change and estrangement from Angelina Jolie’s kids

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A month after Shiloh, the 18-year-old daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, filed to remove “Pitt” from her last name, a source close to the family revealed that Brad Pitt has “virtually no contact” with his adult children but continues to have visitation rights with his younger children.

“He has virtually no contact with the adult kids. His engagement with the younger kids is more limited in recent months because of his filming schedule,” the source stated to People Magazine. Pitt is currently in Europe filming his upcoming racing film F1.

Jolie, aged 48, and Pitt, aged 60, have six children together: Maddox, aged 22, Zahara, aged 19, Shiloh, aged 15 (as of the time of the report), Pax, aged 20, and twins Knox and Vivienne, aged 15.

The source also mentioned that their custody arrangement permits Pitt visitation with their younger children.

“[Angelina] has the kids most of the time, but per their agreement, he has visitation with the younger kids.”


In a recent disclosure to People Magazine, a source close to Pitt shared that the father of six is “aware and upset that Shiloh dropped his last name.”

“The reminders that he’s lost his children, is of course not easy for Brad. He loves his children and misses them. It’s very sad,” continued the insider.

“He’s still happy with Ines [de Ramon],” the source added, but he is deeply affected by the separation from his children.

“He still loves all of his kids tremendously,” another insider close to Pitt shared with People Magazine. “This whole process has been very hard for the whole family.”

Shiloh filed her documents on Monday, May 27, coinciding with her 18th birthday. The teenager has requested a legal name change to “Shiloh Jolie.”

Shiloh isn’t the only child of Jolie and Pitt who seems to prefer using a different name. In the Playbill for the new musical The Outsiders, which their daughter Vivienne helped produce with her mother Jolie, she is listed as “Vivienne Jolie” rather than “Vivienne Jolie-Pitt.”

Currently, it remains unclear whether Vivienne has legally changed her name as well.

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