Fans Slam Selena Gomez And Boyfriend Benny Blanco As ‘Immature’ And ‘Jealous’ After His Post Seemingly Shading Hailey Bieber: ‘They Are Embarrassing’

Fans Slam Selena Gomez And Boyfriend Benny Blanco As ‘Immature’ And ‘Jealous’ After His Post Seemingly Shading Hailey Bieber: ‘They Are Embarrassing’

It doesn’t look like the battle between Selena Gomez, 31, and Hailey Bieber, 27, is over, as fans believe Selena’s new boyfriend, 35-year-old record producer Benny Blanco, made fun of Hailey on Instagram. But did he really, or was his Instagram post just a coincidence? Let’s examine the evidence.

The Rhode founder recently revealed a Rhode phone case that features a slot to hold a tube of the Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment – and we’re obsessed with it! Soon after Hailey shared a picture of the phone case, which will be available for everyone to purchase on February 27th, Blanco shared a picture of his own phone case to his Instagram Story. His phone case had a huge hot dog on it, at the exact same angle as Hailey’s lip gloss, which understandably caused fans to speculate that he was indeed shading Hailey.

Hailey Bieber Rhode lip balm phone case Benny Blanco hot dog phone case



Did Benny Blanco Shade Hailey Bieber On Instagram?


TikTok user @Jessweslie explained why she thinks Blanco was shading Bieber. “Here is what Benny Blanco posted to his Instagram Story,” she begins in her video. “As you can see, he posted a phone case. The same exact angle where Hailey Bieber’s Rhode peptide lays on the phone case. The dimensions, the angles, same exact.” 

“You can’t tell me Benny Blanco is not throwing beef at Hailey Bieber. Literally beef. A hot dog beef. It is intentional. It’s on purpose. That’s not a coincidence,” she continued, adding: “Benny Blanco is literally like 35 years old. A grown man throwing shade at Ms. Bieber.”


Here’s What Fans Think

“Benny Blanco and Selena Gomez act 14,” commented one fan, followed by a crying emoji. “So pathetic,” replied another. “I’m a Selena Gomez fan but really she’s not the same anymore. Hailey doesn’t deserve it, I’m starting to like Hailey Bieber more,” wrote another user.

Commenting on an Entertainment Tonight Instagram post, which also details the phone case situation, one user said: “Benny and Selena gotta stop being so immature.” Another concurred, writing: “Selenators bullying other women as always but they will speak about not bullying their idol, how immature.” “Benny, Sel and her fans are desperately trying to be so relevant,” added another, as someone else said: “Selena and her man are embarrassing, they need to leave Hailey alone it’s actually embarrassing.”

“I blame Selena, she’s still jealous because Justin married Hailey,” wrote another fan, or should we say critic. “We should all collectively apologize to Hailey Bieber as a society,” commented another, adding: “Now, we can actually see who creates unnecessary drama and plays the victim card every time someone does something. The world doesn’t revolve around Selena.”

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