Jennifer Lopez Talks ‘Nonstop’ About Wanting Another Baby With Husband Ben Affleck

J.Lo’s getting loud … about wanting another kid! A source exclusively tells Life & Style that the pop star has been trying to persuade hubby Ben Affleck to have a baby via surrogate — and claims that she “finally got him to cave in.” After the duo’s early-aughts shot at romance ended with a broken engagement, Ben, 51, and Jennifer, 54, went on to have a collective five kids (with exes Jennifer Garner and Marc Anthony, respectively). Following their divorces and other long-term relationships, the pair rekindled their romance in 2021 and finally exchanged vows the following year in Georgia, which Jen described as a “divinely full-circle” moment.



Now that they’re officially committed for the long haul, the source says Jennifer has become passionate about getting yet another second chance: having a baby with Ben. “She nagged him until he went along with it,” adds the source. “Ben was completely happy with the blended family they already have — but he loves kids, that’s why he agreed to having another. At the end of the day, he wants Jennifer to be happy.”

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The duo are still in the planning stages, however. “Jennifer is obsessing over every detail — she intends to interview surrogate candidates herself and see where they live and be at every doctor’s appointment,” says the source. “She talks about it nonstop. Ben figures it’s easier to go along with her, but he’s realizing what he’s gotten himself into. It’s just going to get more hectic!”

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