Kim Kardashian places white ‘muscle stimulator pads’ on her thighs to enhance her workout as she flashes her tummy in a bra top and shorts

Kim Kardashian recently shared a glimpse into her fitness routine on Instagram, revealing her use of muscle stimulator pads during her leg day workouts. The 43-year-old SKIMS founder, known for her dedication to fitness, gave fans an inside look at how she maintains her toned physique.

In a series of clips and photos, Kim showcased her workout regimen, highlighting the use of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) on her upper thighs. The reality star explained that EMS helps strengthen muscles, block pain signals, and improve blood circulation, enhancing her workout results.

Kim works closely with celebrity personal trainer Senada Greca, who also trains other notable figures like supermodel Miranda Kerr. In her Instagram stories, Kim demonstrated her leg day routine, starting with a video of her legs stretched out on a mat with the stimulator pads attached. She mentioned her gradual increase in intensity, expressing, “Four is good. I’ll start squatting and move it up to six.”

Wearing a fitted brown sports bra and matching shorts from Senada’s clothing brand Zentoa, Kim looked ready for her intense workout. She shared with her 361 million followers, “I’ve gained some healthy weight, especially in my thighs. And this is what we’ve been doing.”

In addition to her workout updates, Kim frequently posts about her fitness journey on Instagram. Her recent sessions include squats and weight training, often featuring the WeRise App, founded by her trainer, Senada Greca. Kim’s dedication to fitness is evident, with Senada praising her commitment and punctuality during workouts.

Beyond her fitness pursuits, Kim continues to manage her various business ventures, including SKKN by Kim. She recently launched new lip glosses and highlighters and teased an upcoming fragrance line in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. Kim aims for perfection in her products, ensuring they meet her high standards for packaging, scents, and overall experience.

Stay tuned for more updates from Kim’s fitness journey and upcoming product launches from SKKN by Kim.

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