Kim Kardashian’s BFF Praises Taylor Swift as the “Greatest Songwriter of Our Generation”

Kim Kardashian’s best friend, Allison Statter, recently expressed her admiration for Taylor Swift’s music, despite the ongoing feud between Kim and the “Cruel Summer” singer. During an appearance on the “9 to 5ish with theSkimm” podcast on July 10, Allison, 44, revealed her appreciation for Swift’s songwriting skills.

“I hate to say this, but I will sometimes put on some Taylor Swift,” Allison admitted when asked about her favorite pump-up song. Despite her hesitation, she praised Swift’s musical talents, saying, “I think she is musically — and probably one of, if not the greatest songwriter of our generation. So her music is so fantastic to me.”

Allison also acknowledged the impact of Taylor’s music beyond just the melodies. “Her morals and the things that she represents as it relates to women empowerment and friendship and things like that are very difficult for me to ignore.”

The well-publicized feud between Kim Kardashian, 43, and Taylor Swift, 34, began in 2016. It was sparked by Kanye West’s controversial lyrics in his song “Famous,” which led to a series of misunderstandings and public disputes. Despite the history between Kim and Taylor, Allison’s comments highlight a level of respect for Swift’s artistic contributions.

Taylor Swift has been open about how the drama affected her, sharing in past interviews the toll it took on her mental health and trust in others. However, her resilience and continued success in music underscore her ability to rise above the challenges.

Allison’s praise for Taylor Swift’s songwriting showcases the powerful influence of Swift’s work, even among those connected to her past conflicts. It serves as a testament to the lasting impact of her music on fans and critics alike.

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