“Perhaps a baby will result from that night”: Rihanna jests about a w.i.l.d club night with A$AP Rocky (video)

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Rihanna had a night out in New York City, attending the Mercer + Prince Whisky Party.

However, the popstar seemed a little bit tipsy as she struggled to climb into ASAP Rocky’s Hummer. The incident occurred as they were leaving the party. With a little assistance from ASAP Rocky, Rihanna managed to get into the vehicle.

The event took place at the Mercer Hotel and was hosted by ASAP Rocky himself. Despite Rihanna’s slightly intoxicated state, she still managed to look stunning in her stylish outfit.

She wore a black and white ensemble with a matching hat, while ASAP Rocky opted for a more casual look with a black hoodie and pants.

It seems that the night was filled with fun and celebration, as the couple enjoyed themselves at the whisky party. The presence of ASAP Rocky’s Hummer added a touch of extravagance to the occasion.

Rihanna’s need for help getting into the vehicle shows that even celebrities can have their moments of clumsiness.

Overall, the article highlights Rihanna’s attendance at the Mercer + Prince Whisky Party and her interaction with ASAP Rocky as she struggled to enter his Hummer.

It portrays the singer as someone who knows how to have a good time but also experiences relatable moments.

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