Rick Ross: ‘Drake’s music has reached heights that hardly anyone can reach, I listen to his music every day’

From his enduring connection with Drake, Rick Ross has selected the moments that stand out the most.

Rozay and Adin Ross spoke about the rapper’s connection with Drizzy during an hour-long webcast on Wednesday, January 3. After knowing the Canadian celebrity for years, Ross was asked by the presenter at one point if he had a favorite recollection.

He said, “I’mа sаy, ‘Stay Schemin.’” He appeared to us; he appeared in public. As soon as he finished mixing that record, he came to us. It had that certain feeling. We were winning the beаt. The fact that he entered right away while we were assembling it and didn’t hesitate for even a second was just amazing.

In an interview with Complex’s “GOAT Talk” two months ago, Rick Ross and Meek Mill talked about the greatest Drake feature ever. They both praised Drizzy without delay, but what really got people’s attention was when they hinted at a potential future project combining the trio.


“We fucƙιng with the boy heavily, Meek Milly and Rozay.” Heard that one should keep an eye out for it in some of the upcoming new material? Meek started.


“You better believe it,” swiftly followed by Ross.

After that, they each gave the same response to the feature question, which should come as no surprise to those who have followed along.


Ross referred to his 2012 song with French Montana and the 6 God when he remarked, “I’m gonna sаy right off the top, ‘Stay Schemin.’”


“I was a part of that, so stay Schemin, too,” Meek continued. “That day, I simply had my Ghоst show up to confront both Drake and you, Rick Ross. Drake and I were not that close. Most likely, I had met him once or twice.



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