Rihanna has revealed the 5 celebrities she’ll never work with (video)

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Rihanna is known for being outspoken and fearless, but she also has some strong opinions about who she will or won’t collaborate with in the music industry.

In a recent interview, she revealed the names of five celebrities that she would never work with, and the reasons why. Here they are:

– Chris Brown: Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend and abuser is a definite no-go for her. She said that she has forgiven him, but she has no interest in ever making music with him again.

She said that she values her self-respect and safety more than any potential hit song.

– Kanye West: Rihanna said that she respects Kanye’s talent and creativity, but she can’t stand his ego and his politics. She said that he has become too unpredictable and controversial, and that she doesn’t want to be associated with him or his views.

– Taylor Swift: Rihanna said that she has nothing against Taylor personally, but she doesn’t think that their styles and audiences match.

She said that she likes to make edgy and provocative music, while Taylor makes more wholesome and mainstream music. She said that she doesn’t see how they could blend their sounds or appeal to each other’s fans.

– Drake: Rihanna’s former flame and frequent collaborator is also on her blacklist. She said that she is tired of his games and his drama, and that she wants to move on from their complicated history.

She said that she doesn’t want to rehash their old feelings or spark new rumors with another duet.

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