Rihanna saw interview Chris said Riot Rose was his child! Watch her priceless reaction to that baseless claim (video)

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Rihanna addresses criticism about her second baby’s appearance. She responds to haters calling her baby with ASAP Rocky “ugly.”

Rihanna expresses confidence in her child’s beauty and individuality. She dismisses negativity surrounding her family joyously welcoming Riot Rose.

The singer emphasizes the importance of love over superficial judgments.

Rihanna asserts her right to celebrate her family without criticism.

She urges her followers to spread positivity rather than hate. Rihanna emphasizes embracing diversity and differences in appearance.

She stands firm against cyberbullying and negativity on social media. The singer highlights the harmful effects of online criticism.

Rihanna encourages her fans to uplift and support each other.

She thanks her supporters for their love and positive energy.

Rihanna emphasizes the need for kindness and empathy online.

She promotes a culture of acceptance and celebration of diversity.

The singer vows to continue spreading love and joy despite criticism



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