Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift: The ridiculous amount they daily spend on their romance

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Celebrity romance is one of the most lavish lifestyles you will ever find, they are the dream that keeps all the consumers imaginating they have those types of lives and strive to get that someday. There is currently not a more famous couple than Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce. Since they started their romance in 2023, they have been dedicating each other’s time and money. A new report from Life & Style Magazine knows exactly how much money this celebrity couple spends on a daily basis. And the number they came up with is good enough to maintain a family for an entire year. We are not kidding when we say that celebrity couples love going out of their way to spend a good time.

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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift spotted exiting backstage together after Amsterdam show

How much is Travis Kelce and Taylor Siwft’s romance worth daily?

The romance between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift seems like it’s only picking up steam, they are sighted everywhere around the world. Currently, Kelce is in the off-season and he has time to spare to spend with Taylor Swift. Given that she is currently finishing the international leg of her ‘Eras Tour’, Kelce has visited some of the most exclusive places in the world as he tags in as her plus one everywhere. According to a recent report from Life & Style Magazine, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelces spend a reported $100,000 daily on everything related to their relationship. Most of the money they are spending is on private jet expenses, which both of them use constantly.

Swift doesn’t like that her flying record is being tracked but new technology allows for that to be a reality. Other than that, Travis Kelce tries to go everywhere he can with Taylor. The dates these two have gone to already are insanely exclusive. Kelce spends thousands of dollars per day just buying flowers for Taylor. The couple also splits 20 bodyguards between them. In the span they’ve been together, the grand total they’ve spent if we take this number by heart is $2.7 million in the span of 270 days they’ve been together.

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