Travis Kelce Reacts to Podcast Hosts Role-Playing His Post-Softball Convo With Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce cosigned the idea that his softball win isn’t in the same league as girlfriend Taylor Swift’s continued successes.

Kelce, 34, showed off his softball skills during David Njoku’s celebrity charity game in Ohio on Saturday, June 8, by hitting 11 home runs. Following the athletic feat, “Gojo and Golic” podcast hosts Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic praised the Kansas City Chiefs tight end.

“[Travis] showed some incredible — as we’ve been talking about — versatility with athletes in one sport to another sport,” Golic said in a clip shared via X on Monday, June 10. “[He] came in and just treated the softball very, very poorly, as he kept knocking it out of the park.”

But Golic Jr. made sure to keep Kelce humble. “The only thing I can come back to with all of this — because it’s great, and Travis Kelce is a legitimate athlete that could have probably had success in a bunch of different sports at a high level — is how difficult it is to register on the Richter scale in the house that he’s now a part of with Taylor Swift,” he said.

Travis Kelce Reacts to Podcast Hosts Role Playing His Post Softball Game Convo With Taylor Swift:

“It’s like, ‘Well, babe, what did you do this weekend?’” Golic Jr. said, portraying Kelce. Pretending to be Swift, he added, “‘Well, I stimulated the global economy, I went to a new city and enriched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Babe, what did you do?’”

Travis Kelce Reacts to Podcast Hosts Role Playing His Post Softball Game Convo With Taylor Swift
In response, Golic Jr., joked as Kelce, “‘I cracked 11 dingers in a celebrity softball game. Feeling pretty great about this one, babe. Thanks for asking.’”

Kelce, for his part, weighed in on the remarks — and proved he’s in on the joke. “Love listening to these guys! ‘Feeling pretty good about it, babe,’” Kelce wrote via X on Monday alongside several laughing emojis.

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