(VIDEO) Selena Gomez EXPOSES Hailey Bieber CHEATED On Justin & Got PREGNANT?!

Selena Gomez EXPOSES Hailey Bieber CHEATED On Justin & Got PREGNANT?!

These old tweets are definitely making us laugh and reminding us that even famous people can have their fan moments. Who knows what other funny secrets are hidden online?

Selena’s fans are really enjoying these discoveries. One fan commented, “Selena is better than me. There’s so much embarrassing stuff of Hailey online that she could use against her.”

Another said, “Selena is a better person than me because I would have ended Hailey with this.” But this was just the start.

A few years after these tweets, we learned that Selena and Justin had broken up, and Justin quickly moved on to Hailey Baldwin.

You might think that Hailey, now that she’s with Justin, would stop imitating Selena, right?

Wrong. Now, people are noticing that they wear similar jeans and even have matching tattoos.

Just after Justin broke up with Selena, a talented singer and actress, and started dating Hailey, fans started talking about a possible feud.

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The conversation covers various topics, from relationship red flags to personal experiences and opinions. Here are the main points discussed:

Personal Heartfelt Wishes: The conversation starts with an emotional moment where one person expresses a desire for others to know their true heart and feelings.

Red Flags in Dating: The discussion moves to potential red flags in relationships:

Going through a partner’s phone: One participant admits to having done it before, acknowledging it as a red flag indicating trust issues.

Never been to therapy: Differing opinions emerge on whether this is a red flag, with some suggesting therapy isn’t accessible to everyone but can be important for serious relationships.

No serious relationship experience: This is seen as a significant red flag, as it could mean the person lacks maturity or understanding of serious commitments.

Self-Respect and Body Image: There’s a reflection on personal growth and acceptance of changing body shapes over time, moving away from the pressures of maintaining a youthful appearance.

Celebrity Insights:

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin: Hailey discusses her relationship with Justin Bieber, clarifying past comments where she referred to him as a ‘little brother’. The conversation reveals the complexities of transitioning from friends to partners in the public eye.

Hailey’s Fascination with Selena Gomez: Old tweets from Hailey expressing admiration for Selena Gomez resurface, amusing fans and highlighting how public figures’ past comments can come back into the spotlight.

Matching Tattoos: Observations about similar tattoos between Hailey and Selena spark discussions about their meanings and the timing of when each got them.

Humor and Support: Despite serious topics, there are moments of humor and camaraderie, such as playful banter about personal preferences and supporting each other through tough times.

Overall, the conversation delves into the intricacies of relationships, personal growth, and the public scrutiny faced by celebrities, all while maintaining a blend of seriousness and light-heartedness.

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