Wrestling Legend Jeff Jarrett Says Taylor Swift Babysat His Daughters While Wife Battled Cancer

Jeff Jarrett shares how Taylor Swift provided his family support when his wife was battling cancer.

Pro wrestling icon Jeff Jarrett is opening up about the significant support he says Taylor Swift provided his family during a challenging period.

During an interview on WREG’s Live at 9 on Friday, July 5, Jarrett, who now competes for All Elite Wrestling, reminisced about how the 34-year-old pop star spent time with his three daughters while his wife, Jill Gregory, battled breast cancer. Swift’s presence brought comfort and joy to the family during this difficult time.

The 56-year-old WWE Hall of Famer shared heartfelt memories of Swift’s kindness, calling her a “friend of the family” who was “very good to our family during a very, very dark period.”

“Taylor was like a big sister,” Jarrett recalled. “She came over, took the girls baking cookies, and just hung out at the house. I can’t say enough good things about Taylor.”

Gregory died in May 2007, seven months after the release of Swift’s self-titled debut album. Despite the sadness of that period, Jarrett cherishes the bond formed between Swift and his daughters — Joslyn, Jaclyn, and Jerlyn.

While Swift’s fame has skyrocketed since those early days, Jarrett enjoys keeping up with her journey. “She’s just a sweetheart. I still call her ‘our girl,’ and now she’s up hanging in the NFL circles,” he said, referring to Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Jarrett emphasized that Swift’s acts of kindness were purely out of the goodness of her heart, with no financial motivation. “I can tell you this right now, she was never on the Jeff Jarrett payroll,” he stated. “So, technically not a babysitter.”

The deep bond between Swift and Jarrett’s daughters was evident when Jaclyn appeared in the music video for Swift’s song, “Mine,” in 2010. Reflecting on the experience, Jarrett shared with Fightful in 2011, “The ‘Mine’ video is so creative, and my daughter, Jaclyn, looked like a little Taylor. Taylor, being as bold as she always is, just said, ‘I want Jaclyn in the video.'”

Jarrett gladly agreed, and the family traveled to Maine for the shoot. “You had to turn over your cell phone on set and all that stuff. It was a good experience for the kids,” he recalled.

In reflecting on the music video, Jarrett praised Swift’s remarkable talent and business acumen. “Not only is she uber-creative as an artist, but she also thinks like a businesswoman,” he said. “Those two skill sets combined, you rarely see. She deserves all the success she has.”

Cut to present day, Kelce took in Swift’s third and final Eras Tour show in the Netherlands on Saturday, and was spotted tearing up as Swift performed a special surprise song mashup seemingly dedicated to him.

Swift — who has been using her surprise songs sets in recent months to mash up several of her biggest hits — performed a medley of “Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)” from Taylor Swift, “So High School” from The Tortured Poets Department, and “Everything Has Changed” from Red.

Fans immediately pieced together that the combination of songs was probably dedicated to Kelce as the lyrics to each song allude to their relationship. “I’ll be 87, you’ll be 89,” Swift sings in “Mary’s Song (Oh My My My),” which many took to mean his jersey number of 87 on Chiefs and the couple’s 1989 birth year. In the second song, Swift croons, “You know how to ball, I know Aristotle.” The third song references a love that changes a person’s perspective on life.

In the comments of the video, fans sweetly acknowledged the viral video and celebrated Swift and Kelce’s relationship, whose love story began a year ago on July 8, 2023.

“Thank you so much for not gate keepjng this. So beautiful 😍 they’re so in love ❤️,” one person wrote.

“I can not imagine how emotional it must be for him to see his love perform for him and thousands of others who adore her. I would be emotional too,” another fan shared.

Kelce — who was joined by teammate Patrick Mahomes and his wife, Brittany Mahomes — was seen seemingly wiping away a tear and being checked on by Brittany, who could clearly see her friend having a tender moment.

Over the weekend, which saw Kelce also attending Swift’s show on Friday night, the NFL star and singer were adorably caught kissing as they exited Johan Cruijff Arena.

The sweet interactions come a full year after Swift and Kelce’s love story kicked off with her July 2023 Eras Tour performance at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Last year, she foreshadowed her own future by sharing pictures from her July 4th bash and joking about how the gathering was a celebration for all the “independent” girls, only to add that she was headed to Missouri next.

Flash forward to a year later and the pair have become one of the hottest couples around, with Kelce recently making his on-stage debut at the Eras Tour in London and appearing at countless concerts around the world in support of his girlfriend.

A source recently shared with ET how the “So High School” crooner and her NFL star boyfriend pulled off his surprise appearance at Wembley Stadium and how the experience bonded them as a couple.

“It was definitely a new, defining point in their relationship and they had a blast getting the chance to [share] a personal side of themselves with the world,” the source said. “They are so happy with how everything turned out and loved seeing all the fan reactions.”

The source added, “It was a very special experience for them and also hints at what their future might hold together.”

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