Carlos Sainz claims he was not happy to be “left” by Ferrari in favor of Lewis Hamilton

Carlos Sainz claims he was not happy to be “left” by Ferrari in favor of Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sainz (via IMAGO)

On 2nd of February, 2024, Scuderia Ferrari announced the signing of seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton on a two-year contract. He will replace their current driver and Charles Leclerc‘s teammate Carlos Sainz.

With this shocking move of Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz did not feel good. The Spanish driver expressed how distressed he felt, because Ferrari made space for the seven time world champion who wanted to join the team. The 29-year-old considered this as a sign of positivity and and think of it as a chance for future. The Ferrari driver mentioned his goal is to be a world champion and he’s determined to work towards that dream.

Nobody likes to be left . They left me in February and you don't have a good time. Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time world champion, wanted to go to Ferrari and they have made room for him. I take it philosophically. I take it as an opportunity for the future . I want to be world champion.

Carlos Sainz said on ‘El Hermiguero’

The Spaniard stated he has many options offered after he was replaced and soon the decision will be made to join the next team. Carlos Sainz revealed that he wanted to get over the news of him being replaced by other driver and stop worrying. This thing has been on the 29-year-old’s mind for quite a long time now and he wants to get rid of this, so that he can focus on the upcoming races and stop stressing. Sainz is currently rumored to join Williams.

I have my options on the table. I'm going to make the decision soon , I want to get it out of my hands and stop thinking.

Carlos Sainz said

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Carlos Sainz will take his ‘time’ to make future decision

Carlos Sainz recently and talked about his future plans. The Spaniard claimed that all teams who need a driver have him as a potential target for next season. However, Sainz is not going to sign with any team yet. Moreover, the 29-year-old believes he needs some time to carefully consider his future team, taking all factors into account.

All the teams that need a driver have me on their list. I have received several offers, but I'm not going to sign with anyone just yet. I want to take my time and carefully consider my next team.

Carlos Sainz explained

Carlos SainzCarlos Sainz (via IMAGO)
Currently at Ferrari, he has the best car and wants to focus on winning. Sainz reckoned, before he makes any major decisions about what happens next in his career, The Spaniard want to make sure his doing everything possible to succeed in the present moment.

Right now, I have a car that can win, and I want to focus on that. It's important to concentrate on the present and make sure I'm doing my best before making any big decisions about the future.

Carlos Sainz added

Overall, Carlos Sainz didn’t feel good afternoon the news of his replacement, but he’s still positive with whatever happened and focused on the upcoming challenges this season. Ferrari is current second in the standings. Both the drivers are currently focused on reducing this gap by scoring some points in the upcoming races.

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