George Russell RETIRES from British GP after starting from pole position

WATCH: George Russell RETIRES from British GP after starting from pole position

George Russell (via IMAGO, Screenshot via F1)

Mercedes has showcased a great improvement in pace and performance compared to the season start. Brackley had great hopes coming into the home race of the Silver Arrows. George Russell had a great chance of scoring the race win after starting the race from pole position. However, a critical issue has caused the Briton to have to force early retirement from the race.

George Russell has continued to perform well immediately after scoring an Austrian GP win. The 26-year-old was expected to bring home a consecutive victory after scoring the pole position. Russell had great pace with great pitstops and strategies from Mercedes at the British GP. However, the Briton had to unexpectedly retire from the race.

George Russell was abruptly told to retire his W15 challenger by the 34th lap of the British GP. The 24-year-old was expectedly unhappy with the problem and took to the team radio to showcase his anger.

Brackley hasn’t shared information about the critical issues just yet as the paddock awaits confirmation. Regardless, Mercedes will suffer a massive hit in their points after missing out on one whole chassis.

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George Russell sustained a potential water system issue in Silverstone

Mercedes is yet to release a public statement regarding the issues faced by George Russell in his chassis. However, the possible issue could be due to the rain-borne Silverstone circuit in Britain. The Briton has retired and would have to miss out on major points possible over the British weekend.
George RussellGeorge Russell (Via: Imago)
George Russell has possibly faced a water system issue in his W15. The issue could be critical as Mercedes immediately brought an end to the 24-year-old’s race. The home crowd had major hopes from the Briton to bring home the victory at the home ground.

Lewis Hamilton continues to battle out on the track with a great shot for the race victory. As long as the race winner is a Briton, the fans would be happy with the fact. Regardless, Russell will head out of the British weekend with great disappointment over an issue that couldn’t be addressed by him.

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