Jake Paul angry with Mike Tyson’s actions since he pulled out of boxing fight

Jake Paul is “p*****” with Mike Tyson after seeing the heavyweight legend partying since he pulled out of their boxing fight.

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul will fight in November

Paul and Tyson were due to clash this month in Texas but were forced to push the fight back until November 15 when Tyson suffered an ulcer flare-up. Paul will instead take on former UFC fighter Mike Perry on July 20 but has been perturbed by his future opponent’s activity.

“He’s doing great and Jake is p***** because he sees in Europe, living life, doing appearances, celebrating his birthday and he’s like, ‘I thought he was injured, what’s going on?’,” Paul’s manager Nakisa Bidarian told the MMA Hour. “I talked to team Tyson yesterday and they said he’s back, not doing boxing training but doing strength and conditioning and he feels great.”

Paul’s fight with Tyson has been widely criticised due to the 30-year age gap but Bidarian defended the bout. “Anyone can get an ulcer, or an injury,” he added. ” Mike Tyson and Jake Paul make sense because of the age, from my perspective. If Mike was in his early 30s, given Jake’s experience, there’s no sense to that fight. Age is the equalising factor. When you look at Mike Tyson at age 27, he was 40-1. Jake Paul is 27, he’s 9-1.

“Jake Paul’s been a professional for four years, at that point, Mike Tyson was a professional for 14 years. What makes it exciting and real is there’s a chance that either guy can lose. If you ask the vast majority of the public, everyone thinks that Mike Tyson is gonna knock out Jake Paul. I think as long as he has a clean bill of health, which he did, and he 100 per cent will if we move forward with November 15, then of course that fight should happen.”

Paul will take on Tyson over eight two-minute rounds in what will be the latter’s first fight since his exhibition bout with Roy Jones Jr in 2020. Tyson’s last professional fight saw him quit on his stool after five rounds of his fight with Kevin McBride almost 20 years ago.

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