Justin Bieber Reveals How Usher Betrayed Him To Diddy | Diddy Used Him For Rappers

Justin Bieber Reveals How Usher Betrayed Him To Diddy | Diddy Used Him For Rappers

So apparently, Justin Bieber is finally starting to come to terms with some heavy stuff regarding his early days in the music industry. Word on the street is that he’s been feeling like he was manipulated and used by Usher and Diddy and he may be finally ready to share his story…



So these disturbing rumors about Justin and Diddy have been floating around for ages…And recently, Jaguar Wright threw Usher into the mix, accusing him of essentially handing Justin over to Diddy.


But here’s the twist: Jaguar also mentioned that Usher might have been a victim himself.

It seems like you’re delving into a complex narrative involving Justin Bieber, Diddy, Usher, and allegations of exploitation and manipulation within the music industry. Here’s a breakdown of the key points and relationships mentioned:

Justin Bieber’s Early Career: Justin Bieber gained fame through YouTube videos managed by his mother, catching the attention of Scooter Braun, who later introduced him to Atlanta’s music scene.

Usher’s Role: Usher became Justin’s mentor and facilitated his entry into the music industry, appointing Ryan Good as Justin’s manager.

Introduction to Diddy: Usher introduced Justin to Diddy when Justin was around 15 years old, although the purpose and nature of their interaction were not clearly defined.


Diddy’s Involvement: There are implications and old videos circulating online suggesting Diddy’s close involvement with Justin, which some speculate may have been inappropriate given Justin’s age at the time.

Allegations and Speculation: There are rumors and allegations, including from Jaguar Wright, suggesting that Usher and Diddy might have exploited Justin in some way. These claims are part of a larger conversation about power dynamics and exploitation in the music industry.

Current Status of Justin Bieber: Justin Bieber has transitioned from being a prominent pop star to someone who appears disinterested in music, having sold off his music catalog and not releasing solo music actively. His appearance on Diddy’s track last year has raised questions about his current relationships in the industry.

The situation is complex and involves multiple layers of personal relationships, mentorship dynamics, and industry speculation. It’s important to distinguish between rumors, allegations, and verified facts when discussing sensitive topics like this.

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