Kanye West ‘staying at £10k-a-night hotel’ in RUSSIA on bizarre trip with wife as rapper posts message from Moscow

KANYE West has landed in Russia for a bizarre and unannounced visit amid rumours the rapper may put on a surprise show.

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Ye was said to have been seen walking through the Moscow subway in a white outfit

Ye was said to have been seen walking through the Moscow subway in a white outfitCredit: East to West

A man believed to be Kanye was seen leaving a flashy motor as he headed into a five-star hotel

A man believed to be Kanye was seen leaving a flashy motor as he headed into a five-star hotelCredit: EAST TO WEST

Kanye West has touched down in Russia amid speculation he might meet Putin and perform


Kanye West has touched down in Russia amid speculation he might meet Putin and performCredit: Getty
Kanye stepped foot in Moscow earlier today after hopping off a private jet, according to Russian state media.

The rapper took to VK, a Russian social media platform to inform fans of his arrival.

“Hello Moscow,” he wrote in Russian.

Footage seemingly shows the College Dropout artist getting out of a black motor surrounded by security.

In classic Kanye fashion, he is dressed in a white outfit, a black patterned bandanna and some sunglasses.

The reason for his visit is to celebrate the 40th birthday of Russian designer Gosha Rubchinsky, according to local reports.

Other videos reportedly show the rapper arriving at a five-star hotel close to the Kremlin as well as enjoying the Moscow subway.

It was later reported that he was staying in the £10,150 a night presidential suite of the Four Seasons Hotel Moscow, which has an astonishing view of St Basil’s Cathedral.

He allegedly took in the sights of the Kremlin and Red Square from a viewing platform on the roof of the GUM department store.

The rapper was reportedly accompanied by his wife Bianca Censori, 29, on the trip, though she has not been seen on walkabouts, according to reports.

His arrival is a shock to many after most Western stars abandoned Moscow since the start of Russia’s illegal war against Ukraine.

Famous Russian producer Yana Rudkovskaya revealed his arrival, saying: “Kanye West is already in Moscow! This is super news!

“Staying in the very heart of the capital! Fingers crossed for the show at Luzhniki! [stadium].”

Despite the hopes of a stadium performance, people close to the Kremlin quickly denied any immediate performance.

The Luzhiniki Stadium has also informed state media that it has no information on any upcoming Ye concerts, according to NDTV News.
‘Desperate’ Kanye West risks being banned across Europe as he pushes for Russian show after wild orgy claim in lawsuit
Kanye has struggled to find any paid work in recent months after a controversial few years.

Promoters in Madrid, Berlin, Cologne and Munich all turned away shows from the Life of Pablo star.

A music insider claims “it will be very, very hard” for the rapper to perform in Europe, despite maintaining a solid fanbase.

It comes as Kanye’s team also found issues in Asia, Australia and the Middle East when getting him a gig.

“His reputation and the controversies in the last few years are the main reason for this,” the source told The U.S. Sun.

“Now almost no companies that manage arenas or stadiums want to allow him to do shows on their venues.”

A top music industry insider, however, has revealed Kanye has been pushing to stage shows in Russia.

The source, who has worked on tours with U2, Madonna, and Beyoncé, says Ye could try to get close to Putin in order to boost his chances of a show.

We don’t need any Kanye West with his naked woman. We have enough of our own ‘naked’ parties

Ekaterina MizulinaVlad’s Moral Guardian

Putin’s prudish pals have previously fumed over letting the “rapper and his naked woman” into Moscow.

A fierce row erupted in May after reports surfaced of Kanye potentially performing at the Luzhniki stadium with his wife Bianca Censori by his side.

Vlad’s moral guardian Ekaterina Mizulina, 39, slammed the idea of Ye stepping foot in her country.

Not only did the Putin crony brutally blast the rap icon but she also went after his often unconventionally dressed wife.

Mizulina lambasted the couple saying: “We don’t need any Kanye West with his naked woman.

“We have enough of our own ‘naked’ parties.”

Censori has already made herself enemies across the globe since arriving on the scene as West’s secret wife in 2022.

The 29-year-old Australian architectural designer worked for Kanye’s Yeezy brand before they started to date soon after his very public divorce from Kim Kardashian.

She has since become known for her daring outfit choices.

Censori has previously been seen walking barefoot through a casino, wearing only a pillow and on another occasion just wearing a see-through raincoat.

As well as shunning Censori, Mizulina also referenced Russia’s recent naked party endemic where Putin has launched a crackdown on debauchery.

The despot has tracked down a number of people he views as creating distracting debauchery in Russia.

Kremlin cronies have already detained, embarrassed and hounded several women and teenagers for breaches of the Kremlin rules.

The latest ban on crude visuals saw the annual Russian sex doll race axed.

The hugely competitive event, dubbed the Bubble Baba Challenge, sees passionate Russians swim through fast-flowing rapids in Leningrad with inflatable sex dolls helping them stay afloat.

Last year, a whopping 471 people took part in the bizarre competition but Putin has now banned it altogether due to its “negative” global reaction.

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