Kim Kardashian kicks sister Khloe out of her house in explosive fight during season five trailer

Kim Kardashian’s fiery row with sister Khloe in which she yells ‘get out’ of her house is set to play out on The Kardashians.

The fifth season of the popular Disney Plus show will showcase the sibling’s bitter spat, as a sneak peek of the upcoming drama was revealed in the latest trailer. Released on Instagram on Wednesday, the brief clip shows the sisters in a heated exchange, with Kim ordering Khloe out of her mansion.

Located in the Hidden Hills, the SKIMS founder commands her younger sister to leave her multi-million-pound home, shouting “get out” as Khloe retorts, “who the f— does she think she is? ” The pair were seen having a conversation before things rapidly escalated.

Kim Kardashian
Kim and Khloe clash in Kardashians season five 


Khloe Kardashian
Khloe gets kicked out of Kim’s Hiden Hills home 

Prior to the dramatic scene in the trailer, Khloe had confessed that “sisters can be brutal”. Another soundbite featured Kim stating: “Khloe is unbearable these days.” Khloe then addressed the camera, declaring: “I don’t care what other people think.”

“I’m happy,” the Good American co-founder informs the cameras. The trailer for season five then shows Kim and Khloe in the same room, conversing at Kim’s house as the mother-of-four tells her sister, “you don’t realise you sometimes have a stick up your a–“.

Attempting to calm the situation, Khloe tells Kim: “You are going through a lot right now and are taking it out on me.” It’s not yet clear exactly what transpired next, but the cameras cut to Kim yelling “get out” as Khloe is forced to exit the house.

The drama concludes with Khloe exclaiming “who the f— does she think she is? ” in the trailer’s final moments featuring a short clip of Kim shouting “S.O.S” while the famed family strikes a glamorous pose in radiant gold for the promo shot.

The fifth season also promises to showcase Travis and Kourtney’s baby shower with Kourtney sharing in a confession, “This is the best blessing in the world. But it’s a high-risk pregnancy.” We also catch a glimpse of Kris breaking down as she expresses, “I just want Kourtney to be okay.”

Kourtney opens up about undergoing hospital surgery for her unborn child, describing the procedure as “terrifying”. Kris too faces her own health challenges, tearing up once more as she explains to her daughters, “I had my scan… they found a cyst and a little tumour.”

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