Lewis Hamilton admits ‘incredibly mentally challenging’ time for Mercedes over 945 day winless stint before British GP win

Lewis Hamilton admits ‘incredibly mentally challenging’ time for Mercedes over 945 day winless stint before British GP win

Lewis Hamilton (Via: Imago)

Lewis Hamilton after winning the 2024 British GP was in tears. The seven-time-world champion had failed to win even a single race since 2021. However, he broke the two year losing streak in the UK on Sunday to win his ninth race on the Silverstone circuit.

Lewis Hamilton confessed that he struggled with mental health issues off the track before he finally ended his 945 day streak without a win. He mentioned that 2021 was particularly difficult time for him, which affected his performance in the track. Hamilton highlighted that the car he was driving recently was not as competitive as he would have liked. This made it harder to compete for wins. Hamilton emphasized that overcoming these challenges took a pressure on him mentally, as well as on the entire team. The seven-time world champion cried after winning the British GP.

Really challenging, a difficult time, obviously, 2021, and then coming back with a car we've not been able to fight with for the last couple of years. It's been incredibly mentally challenging, for everyone in the team.

Lewis Hamilton said, as reported by RacingNews365

Further, Hamilton acknowledged the immense effort put in by his team, despite facing numerous obstacles. Hamilton highlighted the importance of maintaining focus and determination during hard times. He also opened up about the emotional rollercoaster of this year, particularly with the announcement of his upcoming departure from the team. These experiences have tested the Briton both mentally and emotionally, highlighting how tough you need to be to compete at the top of motorsport.

But knowing how hard everyone's continued to work, knowing how I've managed to keep my head in it, and then with everything that's happened this year as well, with so many emotions this year, obviously announcing that I'm leaving.

Lewis Hamilton stated

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Lewis Hamilton thought he would never win a race again in F1

Lewis Hamilton talked about the seriousness of mental health in today’s world. He admitted that he personally went through tough times mentally which is very challenging. Hamilton shared that there were moments in his career when he felt like he might never experience the thrill of winning again. He described these times as moments of doubt and uncertainty about his future success.

We live in a time where mental health is such a serious issue, I have experienced that. There's definitely been moments where the thought that this was it, that that [winning feeling] was never going to happen again.

Lewis Hamilton explained

Lewis HamiltonLewis Hamilton (Via IMAGO)
Lewis Hamilton mentioned that it was the first time ever he cried after a victory. The seven-time-world champion expressed that the overwhelming feeling of joy and relief just came out naturally. He described it as a truly amazing sensation and also expressed deep gratitude for this experience which highlighted how much it meant to him. The Briton felt very happy and couldn’t believe he won finally, which made him cry naturally and he’s very grateful for that experience.

So to have this feeling come across the line, honestly, I've never cried coming from a win. It just came out of me. And it's a really, really great feeling. I'm very, very grateful for it.

Lewis Hamilton added

Certainly, Lewis Hamilton explained the mentally challenges he went through during his tough times where he decided to give up. Some fans also cried as they saw their hero cry for the first time, emotions flowing naturally as they witnessed Hamilton’s win after a long time. They are hoping from more such performance from the Briton before he departs from Mercedes.

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