Lewis Hamilton’s father breaks silence on the Briton ‘letting emotions loose’ in a wholesome father-son moment at Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton’s father breaks silence on the Briton ‘letting emotions loose’ in a wholesome father-son moment at Silverstone

Anthony Hamilton and Lewis Hamilton (Via: Imago)

Lewis Hamilton is statistically the greatest driver ever gracing the F1 grid. However, the Brit had a win drought since 2021 and had been working hard to achieve another victory. This came to fruition at the British GP, when the 39-year-old secured his 104th career victory, on home soil. This resulted in the former world champion letting his emotions loose and his father, Anthony Hamilton, explained the reason behind the emotional interaction.

The race began with the top spots remaining unchanged as George Russell led the initial stages. However, this soon changed as showers began sprawling over Silverstone warranting drivers to switch to the inters. While in the strategic battle, Lewis Hamilton emerged as one of the first movers to the slicks, laying the basis for his record-breaking ninth win on home soil.

Subsequently, the Brit was heard sobbing over the team radio during his victory lap. He then hugged his father in an emotional interaction as tears rolled down the Brit’s face.

I just wanted to be there for Lewis[Hamilton]. It was nice to be there at the right time because he had a lot of emotion to let loose and I’m the only guy, I’m sure, that he would be able to do that with. So it was great to be there.

Anthony Hamilton said in a post-race interview

Anthony Hamilton then elaborated that he just wanted to be there for his son. The 39-year-old had worked day and night for his win and when his son had achieved the feat, he let him have his moment and assured him with his presence that he had proved his critics wrong.

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Lewis Hamilton claimed the race win to be surreal

While Hamilton qualified on the front row, he was P3 at one stage in the race. But, because of his vast experience, he was able to get a grasp of the track’s conditions way earlier than other drivers and made impressive moves to take the lead.
Lewis Hamilton (via IMAGO, Screenshot via F1)Lewis Hamilton (via IMAGO, Screenshot via F1)

Realizing the feat that he had pulled off, the Brit deemed the win to be surreal.

It is surreal. My heart is racing. Had so many amazing moments in the past. When I crossed the line, I had this moment when everything came by and I cried. You see other drivers cry like Rubens Barrichello, but had so many emotions after 2021 to now.

Lewis Hamilton said in a post-race interview

Hamilton claimed that he had experienced a flashback of all the moments that had gone by which had led up to this. He then pointed out that it is not uncommon for drivers to cry, as he mentioned former Ferrari driver, Rubens Barrichello crying his eyes out on the podium on his maiden win, conveying the importance of such moments.

Apart from this, as it stands, the 39-year-old has scored 110 points so far. Moreover, he is full of confidence after his recent win and would come back even stronger in the coming race, which could help him breeze past Red Bull‘s Sergio Perez in the driver’s standings.

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