Mike Perry explains very clear tactics for Jake Paul boxing fight

Mike Perry won’t give Jake Paul a second’s peace when they clash in the ring later this month.

Former UFC star and current bare-knuckle boxer Perry stepped in to replace Mike Tyson as Paul’s opponent after the heavyweight legend pulled out with a stomach ulcer. Perry and Paul will clash in Florida on Saturday week with the social media star the firm favourite to have his hand raised.

But Perry, who has long called for a fight with Paul, is confident he can continue the wave of success he has generated since swapping the UFC cage for the bare-knuckle ring. And he has revealed he will use Paul’s defeat by Tommy Fury last year as a blueprint ahead of his own fight with the YouTuber.

“I’m going to hit him and he’s not going to like it,” he told Morning Kombat. “Im going to chase him around the ring, I’m going to make him tired and keep that pressure on him. In training it’s not about what he does; I don’t watch tape, I really don’t. Maybe my people do, but if I watched anything it would be highlights from the Tommy Fury fight.

“It was a close fight but Tommy beat him. It seems a little amateurish, Tommy’s defence wasn’t great and he got a hit a few times but he took them well. I believe I will take them even better and land better shots back. Tommy boxed him, he backed up and moved. We’ll see, depending on my speed and footwork on the night, I’m looking to come forward, cut angles, get to the side and punch him straight down the pipe. It’s about what I do, not what he does.”

Paul has rescheduled his fight with Tyson for November 15 but is confident Perry won’t upset his plans. “As I prepare for my fight against Iron Mike, there’s no better opponent for me than Mike Perry,” he said. “He’s a proven knockout artist who has shown to be a maniac in and out of the ring. This is the perfect experience for me to gain in advance of facing Mike Tyson. But getting that experience comes with risk.

“Those who know me know I’m a risk taker and while ‘Platinum’ Perry might try to end me, I’m Titanium Jake Paul and I fear no man. I’m going to get the W and give everyone a preview of what I’m bringing to the ring against Mike Tyson. Tune in on DAZN PPV as I return to Tampa and send ‘Platinum’ Perry the Platypus back to bare knuckle for good.”

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