“Not Ideal,” Max Verstappen Isn’t Happy With First Day Red Bull Drama In Canada

Max Verstappen’s fear of RBR falling behind might come alive. The team, which once enjoyed dominance, is looking under pressure. Since the Miami GP, the on-track performance has taken a blow. Moreover, the technical team is failing to find a cure.

Max Verstappen

After a disappointing Monaco result, the start of the Canadian GP was similar. The three-time world champion voiced his dismal following the FP1 & 2. While he finished fifth during FP1, the Dutchman failed to finish th laps during FP2.

‘Definitely not how I would have liked to get on’ Verstappen Fuming After Canad Free Practice

After a disastrous performance in Monaco, the Red Bull squad had a much-needed rest. Meanwhile, the technical team pondered RB20’s problems. During the Monaco weekend, the squad had a frustrating start. Max Verstappen was seething owing to the car’s lack of balance as it bounced over the bumps. As a result, the usually strong Red Bull machine appeared vulnerable on Monte Carlo’s street circuit. Furthermore, it all boils down to the core architecture of the RB20. The automobile is lower to the ground, which increases its aerodynamic properties. Furthermore, the greater downforce makes it somewhat faster. However, the Monaco course turned out to be their worst fear, with the kerbs and bumps making the vehicle seem unstable.

Max Verstappen expressed his frustration with his performance in the Canada GP Practice, noting that he would have preferred to complete more laps. He pointed out that other drivers had more time on the track in both dry and wet conditions. Despite his disappointment, Verstappen emphasized the importance of understanding what went wrong and its implications for the rest of the season. He mentioned that the team is currently investigating the issue and expects to have answers soon.

Max Verstappen To Use Fresh Engines During The Canada GP

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton will use the fresh engines during the Canada GP. Teams frequently deploy fresh components following the low-speed Monaco GP on the power-sensitive Montreal track, with the two world champions replacing most of the parts in their power units with brand-new ones.

The Red Bull and Mercedes teams have been equipped with new Internal Combustion Engines (ICE), turbochargers, and MGU-H and MGU-K components. On the other hand, Verstappen had a problem with his RB20’s ERS (energy recovery system), which forced him to stop his second practice session at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve early. This would be an issue during the rain-affected GP.  Other drivers using the same PU components as Verstappen and Hamilton include Sergio Perez, Esteban Ocon, Pierre Gasly, Alex Albon, Daniel Ricciardo, and Yuki Tsunoda.

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