REPORTS: Esteban Ocon Eyeing To Replace Ferrari-Bound Lewis Hamilton At Mercedes

Esteban Ocon is a name that typically remains in the ‘gray area.’ Drivers such as Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, and Pierre Gasly do not admire his driving style. Despite differing thoughts on the French driver, he has established a reputation for himself. He had an impressive start for Force India, scoring 18 points.

However, he had an altercation with Sergio Perez in 2017 when he collided with him during a race in Baku. As a result, that incident revealed a darker side of Ocon to the racing community. Until now, his career has been marked by ups and downs, love and hatred. However, Alpine’s recent decision not to renew the Frenchman’s contract may provide an opening for Mercedes. A veteran F1 photojournalist claimed a deal on the cards for the Ocon-Mercedes partnership.

Veteran F1 Photographer Uncovers Potential Ocon-Mercedes Deal

The silly season of 2024 is full of uncertainties. The latest addition to the entropy is news about Alpine. The French team has been making headlines since the Monaco GP. Alpine drivers Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon collided violently on the opening lap of Monte Carlo, as did Red Bull’s Sergio Perez. All three impacted drivers had to retire. As a consequence, the Alpine team scored 0 points throughout the weekend. Furthermore, the incident raised many doubts about the French twins, who had had a tussle since childhood. The crash in Monaco was costly for the team because both vehicles were extensively damaged. Thus, Alpine’s choice was influenced by the previous accident and the raging intra-team competition.

However, now that Ocon’s Alpine departure is official, the Frenchman has stated that he would declare his plans ‘soon.’ On the other hand, his comments from the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix have resurfaced. During a media interview, Ocon shared his opinions on Mercedes. Furthermore, he considers himself a ‘The Mercedes Junior Team member.’ Notably, in 2015, Ocon was part of the Mercedes Jr team, which was managed by Toto Wolff. Later, in 2020, he served as the Silver Arrows’ reserved driver. Furthermore, discussing his Alpine retirement, the Frenchman highlighted F1’s uncertainties despite claiming a strong season performance. Esteban Ocon might be Lewis Hamilton’s replacement as he prepares to leave Ferrari.

In one of his YouTube videos, photojournalist Kym Illman revealed that Esteban Ocon might have signed a drive for next year, widely believed to be with Mercedes. It’s speculated that Ocon could spend a year there before making room for Kimi Antonelli in 2026. The photographer pointed towards Ocon’s interaction with Rosanna Tenant, claiming it to be the source of his belief. However, if Kimi Antonelli is ready to take a seat in 2025, the Frenchman might have to look for a new outfit.

Esteban Ocon’s Fury Erupts Over Team Order On Radio

The Frenchman has not had a decent relationship with the Alpine team. During the Canada GP, Ocon received a team order when he went past his teammate Pierre Galsly. The team ordered him to let Galsly pass by so that he could attack Daniel Ricciardo.

However, the 27-year-old driver marked the order as senseless but still obliged. He was fuming when the order was not reversed, as Galsly failed to overtake Ricciardo. The relationship between the French drivers and the team gets sour with each race. Thus, the team lacks unity, leaving them with the bottom spots.

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