Secret Agenda Exposed: Red Bull Revealed as Key Player in Ending ‘Verstappen Rule’

Secret Agenda Exposed: Red Bull Revealed as Key Player in Ending 'Verstappen Rule'
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After Red Bull Racing took the bold step of promoting Max Verstappen to their sister team, then called Toro Rosso, it sent shockwaves throughout the sport. He became the youngest driver to start an F1 Grand Prix aged 17 in 2015. This inspired the governing body to introduce a new rule.

The FIA introduced a rule effectively blocking the inclusion of any driver in the circus, no matter how good, below the age of 18. However, recently there’s been a lot of chatter surrounding an exception to the rule for a certain 17-year-old Italian prodigy.

There were reports that both Mercedes and Williams were rallying to change this rule or exempt Kimi Antonelli from it. Some rumors suggested the idea was to include the Italian at the Grove outfit in the middle of the season so he could learn the ropes.

This would’ve allowed him appropriate time to gain some much-needed experience before the anticipated promotion to the vacant Mercedes seat in 2025. However, a report from RacingNews365 has falsified these rumors.

As it turns out, it is Red Bull who has asked to abolish the Max Verstappen rule as they have another young driver on their radar. According to the report, the Austrian outfit is putting in the effort for Arvid Lindblad. The reigning champions believe he has everything it takes to become a successful F1 driver.

The FIA has changed its rules to allow 17-year-olds to race in Formula 1 if they have “consistently demonstrated outstanding ability and maturity in single-seater formula car competition.”

This would allow Mercedes’ Andrea Kimi Antonelli to race in #F1 this year.

More to come.

— RaceFans (@racefansdotnet) June 14, 2024

This is exactly why Red Bull has applied to eradicate the rule as they believe they again have a future world champion on their roster. This gamble on Max Verstappen is playing out perfectly. Now, the Milton Keynes outfit wants to try its luck again. However, who is Arvid Lindblad?

Who is Arvid Lindblad the young talent Red Bull wants to change the rule for?

Arvid Lindblad is a is a British racing driver with Indian and Swedish ancestry. He currently races for Perma racing in the FIA Formula 3 championship. He has also been on Red Bull’s books in their junior driver program since 2021.

The younger lesser-known talent is only 16 years old but being born on 8 August 2007, he will turn 17 this year. With the rule change, Red Bull may be able to give him a test in the current season.

However, as of now, his focus is on his championship in F3 where he has already won twice. Lindblad won the recent F3 feature race in Barcelona which put him fourth in the championship table, having also won the sprint race in Bahrain.

The 16-year-old also won the Macau Formula 4 Race in 2023 and finished fourth in the Euro 4 Championship. In the FIA-certified Italian Formula 4 Championship, he finished third and was fifth overall in the F4 United Arab Emirates Championship.

His early racing career has given the Red Bull a lot of confidence in his abilities. This is exactly why they want an amendment in the Verstappen rule once again. Perhaps the team can see a glimpse of greatness in Lindblad similar to one they saw in the reigning champion.

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