Taylor Swift skips Met Gala as BFF Lana Del Rey poses with enemy Kim Kardashian at fashion event

Taylor Swift skipped the Met Gala last night ahead of the European leg of her tour while her BFF Lana Del Rey posed with enemy Kim Kardashian on the iconic red carpet.

Taylor Swift skipped the Met Gala ahead of the European leg of her Eras Tour

The Fortnight hitmaker, 34, was absent from the Met Gala event last night, and according to reports, the singer could not make it to the event because of her busy schedule due to The Eras Tour Europe leg starting up soon. The Eras Tour will begin this week in Paris and will continue over the summer, with Taylor coming to the UK next month and again in August.

While Taylor was absent from the iconic event last night, her pal Lana Del Rey, whom she collaborated with on her 2021 Midnights album, was seen posing up a storm, and in one video she could be seen posing beside Kim Kardashian.

Lana Kim
Lana Del Rey and Kim Kardashian posed together at the 2024 Met Gala 

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Taylor Swift skipped the 2024 Met Gala 

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Taylor has long been embroiled in a very public feud with Kim, with the hitmaker even revealing last year that she felt as though she took her down “psychologically”. Since speaking out about this in her TIME Person of the Year interview, Taylor has released her 11th studio album which seemingly includes a track aimed at Kim which is titled, thanK you aIMee, which spells out KIM in uppercase lyrics and seemingly references their feud in the lyrics.

And now that Taylor’s pal Lana has posed with Kim, fans are up in arms. In the video circulating social media, Lana and Kim can be seen chatting away while posing on the red carpet together.

Reacting to the video, Swifties were quick to weigh in with their thoughts and opinions. “Tay isn’t going to like that,” penned one, while another said: “For Lana to be Taylor[‘s] friend and her hangout with Kim am sorry but if you do my friend wrong you and I aren’t going to be BFF just a girl code personally.”

Meanwhile, on X, one person said: “If Taylor did in fact stop being friends with Lana it would be none of your business and it’s not elementary school activity to stop being friend[s] with people who hurt you. If Lana being friends with Kim hurts Taylor then she has every right to stop interacting with Lana.”

A second on the platform then said: “Lana being friends with Taylor and constantly collaborating with Kim is f***ing confusing to me.” While a third penned: “There’s something so sinister about Kim going out of her way to befriend anyone friends with Taylor like in no universe would she be holding hands with fucking Lana Del Rey if she was not part of that friend group lmfao.”

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