Tyson Fury claims Mike Tyson would “bite both ears” off Deontay Wilder in street fight

Mike Tyson is renowned as one of the most brutal boxers of all-time while Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury are big names today.

Deontay Wilder would be absolutely brutalised by Mike Tyson if the two met in a street fight.

That is according to Tyson Fury , who reckons the WBC heavyweight champion would be left ’squealing like a pig’.

Tyson built a reputation as the most dangerous man on the planet after a series of blockbuster knockouts.

Among many of his victims included Trevor Berbick, Larry Holmes and Frank Bruno.

He became the youngest man to win a heavyweight belt at 20 when he knocked Berbick out in the second round to win the WBC title.

His speed and power combination has earned him legendary status in boxing despite a series of controversies that threatened his reputation.

As for today, two of the most famous heavyweight are Wilder and Fury.

Both fighters recently met in the ring only for it to go down as a controversial draw.

A rematch has been talked up and it is only a matter of time before the duo start taking barbs at one another.

And Fury has taken the first shot when asked by SportBible who would win between the Bronze Bomber and Iron Mike.

“Mike Tyson, for obvious reasons,” he said. “Tyson would get close and bite his two ears off. Game over.

“Wilder would be squealing like a pig on the floor in pain, with blood p*****g out everywhere.”

Tyson has previously weighed in on the debate as well, insisting he would make light work of Wilder.

He tweeted: “I don’t think Wilder would have beat me in my prime. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again.”

Fans backed up the former undisputed world champion, with one saying: “No-one beats you in your prime Mr.Iron Mike. No-one.”

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