Creepy Footage Of 15-Year-Old Justin Bieber And Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Resurfaces Amid High Profile Abuse Case

Creepy Footage Of 15-Year-Old Justin Bieber And Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Resurfaces Amid High Profile Abuse Case

The news of Homeland Security raiding Sean “Diddy” Combs’ two houses shook the entertainment world.

In the past several months, there have been a lot of accusations of rape and sexual abuse by several people, and while the rapper’s legal team has continuously denied any wrongdoing and shown an optimistic front, things have quickly turned sour after that.

In light of this, old footage has resurfaced of the rapper with Justin Bieber, back when the pop star was only 15 and his career was just beginning.

The things said in the video were questionable, to say the least, and fans are worried about what Justin Bieber might have gone through.
Justin Bieber rehearses for a CBS morning show

Amid the high-profile case against Sean “Diddy” Combs, old footage has resurfaced of the rapper with a very (very) young Justin Bieber.

The pop singer was 15 years old at the time, and the video was very creepy, with Diddy Combs saying inappropriate things.

“He’s having forty-eight hours with Diddy, where we hanging out and what we’re doing we can’t really disclose,” the rapper boasted. “But it’s definitely a 15-year-old’s dream.” The whole time, Justin Bieber didn’t say much, but he was seen smiling excitedly.

Diddy Combs then went on to say “I have been given custody of him. He’s signed to Usher and I had legal guardianship of Usher when he did his first album. I don’t have legal guardianship of him [Bieber] but for the next forty-eight hours he’s with me and we’re gonna go full crazy.”

Creepy' footage of P Diddy with Justin Bieber at 15 resurfaces as fans share concerns - The Mirror US

As the rapper said, Usher spent a year living with him at the age of 14, and admits that he saw some questionable things while staying there.

Diddy footage resurfaces of his '48 hours' with 15-year-old Justin Bieber | The Independent

“I got a chance to see some things… I don’t know if I could indulge and even understand what I was looking at,” Usher said in an interview in 2016. “It was pretty wild. It was crazy. There were very curious things taking place and I didn’t necessarily understand it,” he continued, before stating he would never let his children go to Diddy Combs’ house.

The Case Against Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

Sean Diddy Combs, Graham Norton Show

The allegations against Sean “Diddy” Combs are nothing short of horrifying, and if true, could lead to the rapper spending a long time in jail. A few days ago, two of his houses were raided by federal agents, in what it’s now been revealed is a sex trafficking case.

Both men and women have accused the rapper of sexual assault, and in some cases, even rape of minors. Diddy Combs has denied the accusations and tried to discredit the alleged victims, but with the amount of allegations against him and the recent raid, it seems things aren’t looking that well for him.

Amid the plaintiffs against him is Rodney Jones Jr., aka Lil Rod, who accused him of sexual abuse and coercion, as well as saying the rapper threatened him with physical violence.

Sean Combs has not been arrested as of yet, but the case against him will continue, and we should have more information soon.

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