DARK Secrets of Justin Bieber, P Diddy, and Usher Exposed!

DARK Secrets of Justin Bieber, P Diddy, and Usher Exposed!

‘Creepy’ resurfaced video sparks fears of Diddy potentially grooming teen Justin Bieber

Amid s:exual assault allegations against Diddy, an old video of him and then underage Justin Bieber circulating online has got the internet assuming the worst.

An old video featuring Diddy and Justin Bieber is doing rounds on social media again.

The hard-to-digest ‘creepy’ implications of him having potentially groomed the underage star at the time are scaring the internet.

An old video of Diddy (40) and Justin Bieber (15) went viral online after Homeland Security raided the former's mansions earlier this week.

An old video of Diddy (40) and Justin Bieber (15) went viral online after Homeland Security raided the former’s mansions earlier this week.

The black hole of all possible allegations against the disgraced rapper has widened since his ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura accused him of rape and repeated physical abuse in November 2023.

As her example paved the way for other plaintiffs to rise above, P Diddy has been buried under a series of allegations of sexual assault, sex trafficking and human trafficking.

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While he’s off dealing with the recent repercussions of the federal raid on his LA and Miami homes, netizens are once more speculating if he could’ve possibly groomed Justin Bieber in his teens.

Similar accusations arose a few months ago, and they’ve circled back with the video of a 40-year-old Diddy and an underage Bieber, who was possibly about 15 years old at the time.

Diddy and Justin Bieber’s viral video

The circulating video surfaced as Homeland Security raided Diddy’s mansions in LA and Miami.

It shows Sean Love Combs standing next to the young pop star, saying, “He’s having 48 hours with Diddy, where we hanging out and what we’re doing we can’t really disclose.”

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“But, it’s definitely a 15-year-old’s dream,” he added.

The hip-hop artist, also known as Puffy, is even heard bringing Usher into the conversation. Addressing that though he doesn’t have Bieber’s legal guardianship, he’d been given custody of him for 48 hours as he was signed to Usher.

Diddy claims to have had Usher’s legal guardianship (he was also a teenager at the time) when he worked on his first album. “We’re gonna go full crazy,” adds the rapper.

Justin Bieber’s official YouTube channel posted this video 14 years ago, captioned: “I told you guys I produced a song for DIDDY…”

Soon after the video made it back to the recent trends, social media was rife with fuming criticisms for the hip-hop mogul, who also seemed to have exposed 14-year-old Usher to some “pretty wild” things when he was living with him.

An equally triggering video that’s ranked atop social media from the yesteryears is that of Diddy introducing his “adopted” ‘white’ daughter Ava Baroni.

Combs compels her to introduce herself during an Instagram live broadcast as ‘Ava Combs Baroni.’

Social media users instantly started fearing what Diddy’s close association with these underage children at the time meant.

Several netizens branded these videos ‘creepy’ and disturbing, while others were glad that the dark side of showbiz was finally coming to the forefront.


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