Hair-raising Revelations: The Forbidden Hairstyles Justin Bieber Would Never Sport!

Justin Bieber’s Hair Through the Years and Styles He Probably Won’t Try

Justin Bieber has experimented with many different hairstyles over the course of his career in the music industry. From buzz cuts to floppy fringes, Bieber has tried a variety of looks that have evolved along with his music and personal style. However, there are still a few haircuts that are unlikely to ever grace Bieber’s head based on his established style preferences and the types of looks he has consistently avoided over the years. Let’s take a closer look at some of the bold cuts that are unlikely to be sported by Bieber.

Classic Long Locks

One hairstyle that is very unlikely to ever be seen on Bieber is classic long locks. Bieber has always kept his hair relatively short throughout his career in the spotlight. Even when his hair was at its longest, it never reached past his chin or jawline. Bieber seems to prefer a shorter haircut that is easy to style and maintain without a lot of length getting in the way.

Long, flowing hair down to the shoulders or below would be a major departure from Bieber’s usual cropped styles. The extra length and weight of long hair doesn’t fit with Bieber’s edgy, sporty aesthetic that he has cultivated over the years. Long hair is also harder to style into Bieber’s signature messy coifs and fringe looks. It would require more product, time, and effort to tame and shape lengthy strands into a flattering cut.

Bieber seems most comfortable with haircuts that hit right at or just below his ears. This shorter length allows him flexibility for both polished styles when performing or appearing at high-profile events, as well as more tousled, textured looks in his everyday life. Classic long locks hanging past the jawline simply don’t mesh with Bieber’s established preferences for hair that is easy to manage yet on-trend. Fans are very unlikely to see Bieber growing out his hair into a floor-grazing mane anytime soon based on his consistent commitment to cropped cuts over the years.

The Mullet

Another hairstyle that is almost guaranteed to never show up on Bieber’s head is the mullet. The mullet is a cut characterized by short sides and back with significantly longer hair left on top, usually hanging down in the front. It was a very popular style in the 1980s but has since developed a reputation as an outdated or unfashionable cut.

Bieber has proven himself to be a trendsetter when it comes to hair rather than a follower of retro styles. The mullet would be too bold and outlandish compared to Bieber’s usual polished yet edgy aesthetic. It also doesn’t mesh with Bieber’s naturally straight or wavy hair texture, which he usually wears parted to one side in a tousled fringe or swept up and back from his face.

The mullet is a cut that requires commitment to maintaining that drastic length difference between the short back and sides and lengthy piece hanging down in front. It’s simply not a style that fits Bieber’s easygoing approach to hair maintenance. He likes cuts like fades, fringes, and buzz cuts that require minimal effort on his part. The mullet would be too high maintenance and attention-grabbing compared to Bieber’s subtle evolution of styles over the years. Unless he was taking on an ’80s retro character for a role, the mullet seems very unlikely to ever make an appearance on his head.

The Comb-Over

Another classic hairstyle that doesn’t align with Bieber’s preferences is the comb-over. The comb-over is characterized by longer hair on one side of the head that is combed or swept over to cover thinning or balding areas on the other side. It’s a style that aims to disguise hair loss but can sometimes have the opposite effect by drawing more attention to the bald or receding patch it is trying to hide.

At only 27 years old, Bieber still has a full head of thick hair with no signs of thinning or balding. He has never shown interest in hairstyles meant to disguise hair loss either. Bieber prefers cuts like fades, fringes, and buzz cuts that accentuate his natural hairline rather than try to alter its appearance. A comb-over would be an odd choice for someone with a full head of hair simply because it isn’t a style necessitated by hair loss.

In addition, the comb-over has a bit of an outdated reputation as an older man’s hairstyle. It doesn’t fit with Bieber’s youthful public image and trendsetting approach to hair. Bieber likes cuts that show off his fresh face and full head of hair rather than ones meant to cover or disguise anything. Unless he was taking on a character role requiring the look, a comb-over seems highly improbable as a style choice for the young pop star known for edgy yet flattering cuts.

Tight Curls

Bieber’s naturally straight to wavy hair texture also makes tight curls an unlikely style choice. Bieber has always let his natural hair pattern shine through with cuts that accentuate his loose waves or keep his hair smoothed down in a straight fringe. Messy curls created with product provide texture without altering his natural hair type too drastically.

However, tight ringlets formed all over the head would require heavy products, heat tools, or chemical processing to achieve and maintain. That level of manipulation doesn’t fit with Bieber’s low-maintenance approach. His styles are usually defined by scissors and a touch of styling cream rather than heat tools or perms. Bieber seems most comfortable letting his natural hair do its thing within the parameters of a flattering cut rather than trying to completely change its curl pattern.

The upkeep on tight curls would also be intense compared to Bieber’s usual wash-and-wear cuts. He’d have to re-curl his entire head frequently to maintain the defined ringlet look, which doesn’t mesh with his casual off-duty aesthetic. Unless he was taking on a character role, tight curls would be a dramatic change from Bieber’s history of playing up his natural texture rather than fighting it with a high-maintenance altered curl pattern. Fans are very unlikely to see Bieber rocking an all-over head of tight ringlets anytime soon.

The Very Short Crew Cut

While Bieber has experimented with buzz cuts on multiple occasions over the years, the one style he seems highly unlikely to try is a crew cut trimmed even shorter all over. Crew cuts leave approximately 1/4 inch of hair all over the head to maintain a short, tidy look. But cutting hair that short requires absolute commitment to a high-maintenance cut that shows every flaw or imperfection on the scalp.

Bieber seems to prefer buzz cuts that leave slightly more length, usually a #2 guard or longer all over. This still achieves a short, edgy style but masks the scalp a bit better than a true crew cut buzzed down to the skin. A #0 or #1 crew cut trim would be taking things to an extreme that doesn’t fit Bieber’s balanced approach to hair.

Not only would a skin-close crew cut show every bump, scar, or blemish, but it also loses the textured element Bieber likes to achieve with his buzz cuts. There would be no room for messy spikes, sweeps, or imperfections in such a short, tidy cut. Bieber seems to enjoy cuts like fades that combine structure with a bit of casual tousled texture – a look not achievable with minimal 1/4 inch stubble. Unless he was taking a role requiring a military style cut, a true crew cut buzz all over is likely outside Bieber’s comfort zone and usual aesthetic preferences.

Justin Bieber’s Hairstyle Evolution

While Bieber has experimented with many cuts over the years, certain styles consistently reappear as his favorites based on what suits his hair type and lifestyle needs best. His hair has evolved from an early-career side-swept fringe to modern crops, fades and buzz cuts with subtle length and texture variations. However, some cuts will likely always remain off the table based on Bieber’s established preferences revealed through a decade of hairstyle trials.

From classic long locks to retro mullets, drastic curls to minimalist crew cuts, there are bold styles that simply don’t align with Bieber’s natural aesthetic or low-maintenance approach. He prefers cuts accentuating his straight-to-wavy hair texture without a lot of upkeep or manipulation required. Based on Bieber’s history, fans can expect to continue seeing subtle refreshes of familiar styles rather than shockingly new looks diverging from his preferences like long hair, mullets or high-maintenance curls. While anything is possible, some cuts will probably never grace Bieber’s head based on the blueprint he has established thus far.

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