He is capable of anything – Jamie Foxx’s Daughter EXPOSES Diddy Tried To ELIMINATE Jamie Foxx?! “He ALMOST D1ED!”

Jamie Foxx’s Daughter EXPOSES Diddy Tried To ELIMINATE Jamie Foxx?! “He ALMOST D1ED!”

The story about Diddy is getting more intense every day.

It seemed like it couldn’t get any crazier, but then Katt Williams stepped up, making some big claims against Diddy.

There are rumors that Diddy was planning something bad against Jamie Foxx.

People say Jamie had some scandalous information about Diddy’s wild parties.

There’s also an old video that popped up, where Jamie talks about Diddy trying to confront him because Jamie had revealed something about Diddy’s then-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez.

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Jamie Foxx has been pretty open about what he saw at Diddy’s parties. He’s shared stories about the crazy things he witnessed and even said he recorded some of it.

Katt Williams, on the other hand, wasn’t seen partying with Diddy.

While everyone else was having a good time, Katt was busy gathering information.

Remember Jamie’s big health scare last year?

It happened just a few months before Cassie filed a shocking lawsuit against Diddy.

Now, there’s talk that Diddy might have been behind Jamie’s health issues, and Katt is revealing everything about how Jamie ended up fighting for his life.

Jamie Foxx lần đầu lên tiếng sau biến chứng y khoa phải nhập viện cấp cứu

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