Selena Gomez Reacts to ‘Disgusting’ Online Hate After Hailey Bieber Interview

Selena Gomez recently addressed online bullying, expressing her frustration with the manner in which both she and Hailey Bieber are targeted by some fans.

Selena’s comments came shortly after Hailey’s appearance on “Call Her Daddy,” during which Hailey discussed being a frequent target of online hate.

During a TikTok Live session, Selena emphasized that no one should be subjected to the kind of bullying she has witnessed.

The bullying seems to stem from Selena and Hailey’s history with Justin Bieber, as Selena previously dated Justin before he married Hailey.

Hailey spoke about the hate directed towards her, acknowledging that it often comes from fans who wished Justin had ended up with someone else.

However, she made it clear that she doesn’t blame Selena and doesn’t expect her to speak up against the hate. Hailey emphasized the importance of respect and expressed gratitude to those who support her.

Selena echoed the sentiment of not tolerating hate and reminded fans of the message behind her Rare Beauty line, which promotes kindness and positivity.

She emphasized the importance of words and the impact they can have.

Overall, both Selena and Hailey emphasize that there is mutual respect between them, and they prefer to focus on positivity rather than dwelling on past conflicts.

They encourage their fans to do the same and promote a message of kindness and understanding.

Hailey Bieber recently opened up about her experiences with online hate during an appearance on “Call Her Daddy.”

In a candid conversation, she shared how she has often found herself at the receiving end of negative attention from some corners of social media. Despite her high profile and seemingly charmed life, Hailey revealed that dealing with online bullying has been a recurring challenge.

However, amidst these adversities, Hailey maintains a positive outlook and refuses to let the negativity define her.

She acknowledges that while there may be people who harbor animosity towards her, she chooses to focus on spreading kindness and respect.

Hailey’s resilience in the face of online hate serves as an inspiration to many, highlighting the importance of staying true to oneself and not letting detractors dampen one’s spirit.

Furthermore, Hailey’s message resonates beyond her own experiences, shining a light on the broader issue of cyberbullying and its detrimental effects on mental health.

By speaking out about her struggles, she encourages others to stand up against online harassment and promote a culture of positivity and support.

Ultimately, Hailey’s openness about her journey with online hate underscores the need for compassion and empathy in our digital interactions.

Her willingness to address these challenges head-on reflects her strength of character and serves as a powerful reminder that kindness and understanding can prevail even in the face of adversity.

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